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Devotional: Lord I Love You (MP3)

Step Into Worship: A Southwestern College Worship Community Project

These worship songs by SC alumni are dedicated to the Southwestern College community of faith who bare the image of the living God in service around the world.

Produced and arranged by Stephen Butler, Carter Green and Martin Rude. Special thanks to Leadership student Roger Klein and graphic designer Terry Quiett. Recorded at Greenjeans Studios, Wellington, KS except tracks 1 & 7 recorded by Tone Circus Productions, Dallas, TX.

  1. Chart - All My Days (PDF)
  2. Chart - Oh Lord We Come (PDF)
  3. Chart - Jesus is the Rock (PDF)
  4. Chart - Lord I Love You (PDF)
  5. Chart - Fall on Me (PDF)
  6. Chart - Be Exalted Lord (PDF)
  7. Chart - Beautiful God (PDF)
  8. Chart - Here We Are (PDF)
  9. Chart - My Hope is Built (PDF)
  10. Chart - We Are One (PDF)

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