About SC

Southwestern focuses on life, not just the life of the mind.

We educate students—in the tradition of the liberal arts—to think, analyze, solve, communicate, and create. This gives them the broad foundations to excel not just as professionals, but also as people.

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Virtually every student highly recommended for medical school has been accepted. Our graduates enjoy high placement rates in dentistry, optometry, physical and occupational therapy, and veterinary medicine as well. Our teacher education placement rate of qualified graduates is 100 percent.

Degrees at Southwestern College

The rate at which our graduates finish in four years makes an education here affordable both in time and expense. Our commitment to excellence had led to the addition of our fifth-year master's programs that allow students to complete graduate degrees in business administration, leadership, specialized ministry, or education in one additional calendar year. And we're the only school in Kansas officially designated a College of Access and Opportunity by the Center for Student Opportunity.


All main campus students participate in a general studies program with outcomes aligned with the mission of the college — liberal arts education, professional development, and personal growth. General education courses provide students with fundamental academic skills, ground students in multiple disciplinary perspectives, and challenge students to integrate and apply their learning to real world concerns.

Students are aided in their intellectual quests (and in career development) by Southwestern's laptop learning program. Each incoming freshman is issued an Dell laptop, which is replaced for the most up-to-date model every two years. Not only are the laptops used in class, but professors use them to communicate with students during off-class hours; on-line discussions give depth to in-class learning; and research and writing are facilitated by the use of compatible hardware and software throughout campus.


Graduate programs are designed with the student in mind. Classes are applicable to careers, and schedules are set knowing most of our graduate students also will be employed. Professors are chosen for their knowledge and experience in the field, and for their abilities to guide and mentor students.


A peaceful, secure campus in a friendly town.

Winfield, KS

Southwestern's hilltop location in Winfield, Kansas, offers the perfect mix of energy and tranquility. We're just 40 miles from the bright lights of Wichita, and Winfield ranks as one of the 100 Best Small Towns in America, according to author Norman Crampton. Twelve thousand residents, two Fortune 500 companies, and our Southwestern students agree.

Winfield sponsors several yearly celebrations that include Art in the Park, Kanza Days, Winfield Country Roundup, and the widely known Walnut Valley Festival, which has hosted artists such as Allison Krauss, The Dixie Chicks and Grammy nominated Nickel Creek.

Wichita, KS

In 2006, CNN/Money and Money Magazine picked Wichita 9th out the 10 best U.S. big cities to live in, and in 2008, MSN Real Estate picked Wichita the number one on its list of the most affordable cities to live in.

Within 40 minutes, you can be in Kansas' largest city, Wichita. So when you get the urge to see a professional athletic event, you can catch Thunder hockey, Wild indoor football or Wingnuts baseball.

Need a few animals or a splash of culture? Wichita also has the Sedgwick County Zoo, Exploration Place, Wichita Symphony Orchestra, Old Town, and the Old Cowtown museum. The vital downtown district offers nightclubs, restaurants, shopping centers, museums and parks.


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Campus Life


Your on-campus meal choices cover all the bases. A sandwich bar, pizza buffet, cereal bar, salad bar and dessert bar are at your disposal. For those of you with more in mind, vegetarian entrees along with other hot meals are also offered for every meal. Plus, a full beverage bar is available that takes up one entire wall of the cafeteria. Your meal plans are fairly flexible, so you can tell your folks you won't starve at SC.

In addition to the on campus cafeteria (or lovingly referred to as 'The Caf' by students), you can also dine at the Java Jinx, where you can short order tasty selections like burgers, chicken nuggets, hot and cold sandwiches, quesadillas, salads, fries, onion rings, and mozzarella sticks for lunch and dinner, and several breakfast options as well. The Java Jinx also has quick snacks like candy bars, Pop Tarts, granola bars, fruit, yogurt and variety of beverages. If you are a coffee fan, then you must visit the Java Jinx where they brew Starbucks coffee every day and have many coffee options. How bout a Grande Iced Caramel Macchiato or even a White Chocolate Mocha?


Studies have shown that students who spend at least their first two years living on campus receive better grades than those who commute. They also tend to finish their degrees in higher numbers than those living off campus. It's not just about having a place to sleep; living on campus is about community, friends, and learning about one another.

To assist SC students in living away from home and to enhance their academic success, all new students who are under the age of 20 and have not reached junior status, or are not married, are required to live on campus unless they live with parents or legal guardians.

Most upper class students choose to remain on campus, but they may live either on or off campus after their second year if they are 20 years old AND a junior.

Fortunately, SC offers some of the best housing options around. Not only will you be connected to the campus computer network, you'll be connected to everything.


The first college or university in the region to issue laptops to all entering new students, Southwestern is also the first to go wireless - take your Dell laptop to virtually any area on campus (your study group or your room) and log on. You also can listen to many campus events live via the Web.

Incoming students will receive a Dell Latitude E7440 with the following specs:

1.86GHz Intel i5 Processor


Backlit Keyboard

14” LCD HD+ WLED Display (1366x768)


HDMI and Mini DisplayPort video out

Webcam with Microphone

SD card slot

3 USB 3.0 ports

Athletics & Activities


Our athletes are students first, but they shine in competition, too. Since 1981 Southwestern has had more than 150 academic all-Americans in its 15 varsity sports. During 2006-07 Southwestern won five of the 13 Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference championships - men's golf, men's cross - country (28 consecutive titles), women's cross-country, and men's and women's track. Our women's golf and tennis teams also qualified for national competition. We play hard, we study hard, and we win.


Southwestern offers great opportunities to participate in the same activities you loved in high school. You can be part of music, theatre, student government, campus ministry, and other squads without majoring in them, if that's what you choose. Green Team, Leadership Southwestern, and Discipleship Southwestern are nationally recognized for their excellence, and active student organizations make for a lively academic, social, and spiritual life on campus.