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Slow Connectivity

Check to see if your Blackboard course has a link to "Library Empower - Accessing Library Databases." This link will take you to a list of all the library resources that are accessible by logging into Blackboard, not need to use your library login. If the link is not listed, please contact the library and we will add it to your account.

"The Internet is a global network, basically a vast grouping of computers transferring data to one another. Connection speeds will vary depending on many conditions such as the time of day and the amount of congestion on the Internet in general. When you request a Web page from a server on the Internet, both the request and the resulting page travel over a series of links that help comprise the Internet. Points between links are often referred to as "hops." So depending on the number of people connecting to the servers, the number of "hops" taken to get to the site, the quality of the connections between each hop to the site and various other factors, your Internet connection speed will always vary." - from McAfee Internet Connection Speedometer

The college and library try to keep the loading of all its pages to the optimum. Specific bandwidth is reserved solely for the library. All the library's web pages load in less than 1 minute even with a dial-up connection. However, the library cannot control the loading of databases and ebooks since they are maintained by their provider on their servers.

Some other causes may be your Internet provider, computer, home networking equipment, or the equipment on the Internet that neither you, your Internet provider, or the college owns.

Here are some troubleshooting tips in no particular order that may correct a slow connectivity:

  • Reboot ALL of your home network equipment.
  • Do a complete virus scan.
  • Try using Internet Explorer (or a different browser if IE is what you are using). Learners have told the library that Google Chrome is faster than other browsers.  Links to the downloads
  • Test the bandwidth between you and your Internet provider at
  • For mobile users, try switching to an opposite connection type (i.e. wired if you are wireless, or vice versa)
  • If using Wi-Fi, make sure there isn't any interference.
    • Various other electronic devices such as cordless phones, garage door openers, baby monitors, microwave ovens, Bluetooth enabled, and neighbors' Wi-Fi may use this same frequency range. Any such device can interfere with a home network, slowing down its performance and potentially breaking network connections. more information
    • Water and building materials such as cinder blocks may also interfere with Wi-Fi.
  • Try connecting via another Internet service provider (free Wi-Fi at a local library, coffee shop, bookstore, etc). Or, try from work if it is allowed.
  • Downloading and streaming music, videos, etc can also cause connectivity to slow. Try only accessing the library without any other operations running on the your computer. If you are at home, make sure no other computers are downloading or streaming as you are accessing the library.
  • Make sure no installed programs conflict with your Internet connection.
  • Contact your Internet provider to see if they have any recommendation on how to improve your connectivity.
  • Networks may slow periodically throughout the day as more users access the Internet. Try a different time.
  • Browser configurations aren't known to slow loading but you can speed them up by blocking the download of pictures and images. In Internet Explorer, go to Tools > Internet Options > Advanced > scroll down to Multimedia and uncheck the "Show Pictures" option.

If none of the above works, please contact the library (email), 866.734.1275, Text a Librarian or IM. Tell us what database you are using, what search terms, what browser you are using, are you using Wi-Fi, or any other information to help us diagnosis the problem.


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