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Paphiopedilum Bel Royal Max

Paphiopedilum Bel Royal 'Max' AM 83 Pts

(rothschildianum x  kolopakingii)

Excellent Cross, 7 flowers on one inflorescence when awarded

Price:  $100.00

Bel Royal Max Bryon

Paphiopedilum Bel Royal 'Max & Bryon'

(rothschildianum x kolopakingii)

Excellent Flower. Up to 5 flowers or more per inflorescence

Received a CCM in 2011

Price:  $75.00

 Belroyal M&B

Paphiopedilum Bel Royal  'M & B' AM 83 pts

(rothschildianum x kolopakingii)

Excellent Flower, up to 5 flowers or more per inflorescence

Price:  $100.00

Mem thomas Mastin

Paphiopedilum Bel Royal 'Memoria Thomas Mastin' AM 83 Pts

(kolopakingii x rothschildianum)

Excellent flower.

Price: $100.00

Paph Hsinying Armanda


Paphiopedilum Hsinying Armanda 'Max' AM 80 Pts 

(Magic Lantern 'Rotunda' x armeniacum 'Moon Bright')

Touch of yellow on the petals.

Price: $100.00 (SOLD OUT)

Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel

Paphiopedilum Lady Isabel 'Max' AM 80 Pts

(rothchildianum x stonei)

When awarded had 4 flowers, 1 bud on 68 cm inflorescence.

Price:  $100.00

Princess Bianka

Paphiopedilum Princess Bianka 'Memoria Prince' HCC 78 Pts

(Bianka 'Statuesque' x henryanum)

Really nice colors. Divisions off the mother plant.

Price: $75.00

saint swithin

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin 'Max'

(philippinensis x rothschildianum)

2-3 growth division.  This is the better of the 2 clones we sell.

Price: $50.00

Paph Saint Swithin

Paphiopedilum Saint Swithin 'Walnut Valley'

(philippinensis x rothschildianum)

2-3 growth division.

Price: $40.00

Shin yi

Paphiopedilum Shin-yi's Pride 'M & B' HCC 75 pts

(Michael Koopowitz x rothschildianum)

Large Blooming Size Division

Price:  $100.00 (SOLD OUT)

SHin Yi Max

Paphiopedilum Shin-yi's Pride 'Max and Bryon' AM 81 pts

(Michael Koopowitz x rothschildianum)

Large Blooming Size Division

Price:  $125.00 (SOLD OUT)


Paphiopedilum Southport 'Max Thompson' FCC 90 Pts

(Alma Gavaert x rothschildianum)

Easy to grow and bloom.  Two growth divisions.

Price: $150.00 (SOLD OUT)

Paph Tokyo Black Knight

Paphiopedillum Tokyo Black Knight

(Memoria Hirohisa Kawai 'Confluence' x Muriel Constance 'Misato')

Whites with red spots.  Easier to grow than the species in the background.

Price:  $50.00 - previously bloomed

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