About the Press

Established in 2005, the mission of Southwestern College Academic Press is to support the teaching and research activities of the College by fostering scholarly inquiry through the selection, production, and diffusion of academic works. 

The range of subjects in which the Press is interested reflects the disciplines associated with traditional liberal arts courses of study.  This is supplemented by other areas of current curricular or programmatic interest at Southwestern College.

Whether submitted by members of the Southwestern College faculty or scholars from the wider community, manuscripts are peer reviewed, evaluated by the Director, and submitted to the Board of Directors for action prior to the issuance of a contract.  A rigorous editorial process follows and ensures a high quality publication.

At the current time, the Press is housed in the Southwestern College Library so that both of the information services may draw on common resources.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors includes the following:

  • One member drawn from the Southwestern College Board of Trustees;
  • One member drawn from the Southwestern College Faculty Development Committee;
  • 5 at large members, not currently affiliated with Southwestern College, who represent the larger international and national scholarly and publishing communities; and
  • Director of the Southwestern College Academic Press, currently the Library Director.


Southwestern College Academic Press also publishes and distributes BeADisciple and Habakkuk Books, both POD imprints and wholly owned subsidiaries of the Press.

For information, please contact the SC Academic Press