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Belarusian Jewish Writers of the Twentieth Century: Origin, History, Discourse, and Biographies (Belarusian Studies Series) by professor Zina J. Gimpelevich (2009)

Zina J. Gimpelevich is a Full Professor in the Department of Germanic and Slavic Studies, University of Waterloo, Canada. Born in Minsk, Belaruś, she came to Canada in 1979 with an MA in Russian Philology. She received her PhD in Slavic Studies from the University of Ottawa, Canada. In Ottawa, Dr. Gimpelevich worked for the Department of External Affairs and the University of Ottawa as an instructor of Russian language and culture.

She was one of the three founding members of the Canadian Relief Fund for the Children of Chernobyl in Belaruś (together with its first President, Mme Joanna Survilla (President of the Belarusian Government in Exile) and Pauline Smith-Paškievič). Dr. Gimpelevich is the President of Canadian Institute of Arts and Sciences (BINiM, 2002-); she is also the President of the Canadian Association of Slavists (CAS, 2008-2010).

Professor Gimpelevich’s research interests are Belarusian and Russian languages, literature, and twentieth-century culture. She has authored four books, five book chapters, and has written nearly forty articles dedicated to these two cultures. more about author

A Concise Encyclopedia of Belarusian History by Ph.D. in History Valery Pazdniakou

Over 1988-1994, Valery worked as a senior academic worker at the Institute of History of the Belarusian Academy of Sciences. In 1994-2007, he worked as a science editor at the publishing house ‘Belarusian Encyclopedia’ .  Since 2007 he is the head of the department for the archeography of the Belarusian Scientific-Research Institute for the Record Management and Archiving.

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