Information Technology


The Internet is so SLOWWW!

That is a complaint we hear a lot and we understand the frustration. There are more and more demands on the bandwidth and we can't seem to increase it quickly enough to keep up. We have ordered eq... read more >

Live streaming SC sports

We are having some issues live streaming SC sports events.  The Athletics department is working on the problem will have an update soon. ... read more >

SCAM Alert!

Scam Using FBI Phone Number to Target College Students The FBI is warning consumers to be on alert for a phone scam that primarily targets college students using the FBI’s phone nu... read more >

Possible Email issues

Microsoft Office365, our email service is experiencing some issues that might impact some of you.  Microsoft is working on it and we will update as needed. ... read more >

New helpdesk phone - announcement and calling tree

We have implemented a messaging system on the helpdesk number.  When you call the helpdesk, the first thing you will hear is any announcements about system-wide issues.  If you are calling a... read more >

Call the Helpdesk!

We have had recent changes to our personnel and with all the transitions, we advice everyone to call or email the helpdesk for any IT issues or project requests.  That way, we can start a ti... read more >

New RDP host for PowerCampus

We recently migrated our RDP host from APP03 to APP04.  If you use remote terminal to access PowerCampus, just change the APP03 in the "Computer" entry box to APP04.  Everything el... read more >

New Email System

Southwestern College has a new email system, Microsoft's Office 365!  Immediately you will enjoy a larger, cloud based mailbox.  Other features will be added over time.  Please make sur... read more >

TED Talks: Angela Lee Duckworth: Key To Success - GRIT

Key to Success Leaving a high-flying job in consulting, Angela Lee Duckworth took a job teaching math to seventh graders in a New York public school. She quickly realized that IQ wasn’t the onl... read more >

Simple Exercises for office or dorm

Back in the office?  Back in school and spending hours doing your homework on the desk?  Here are some simple exercises to help you get through the day- Exercises in the Office... read more >

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Build an education.

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