Agent/Counselor Guidelines

Services Provided to Agents

1) Service Fee: We will pay you a Service Fee for each of your students who enroll at Southwestern College (SC). You may read more about our Service Fee payments at the end of this document.

2) Conditional Admission: Conditional admission is available for students who have not met our TOEFL/IELTS requirement but otherwise meet our academic requirements for admission.

3) Admission Contact: Undergraduate, Graduate, and Intensive English applications are processed by Southwestern College Admissions.  Micah Mitchell, Admissions Counselor will be designated as the primary contact person for your agency after you send your first application to us.

4) Application Arrival: For undergraduate, graduate, and Intensive English applications, you will be sent an email message to notify you of the receipt of your student's application materials. The email message will not be sent until we have entered the application into our student database. Depending on our current volume of applications, it may take a few days to enter the information into our database so your patience would be greatly appreciated while waiting to receive the automated email.  The fall application deadline for fall is July 1 and for spring is December 1.

5) Application Processing: After we send you the automated email about the receipt of the student's application materials, we will review the application in about 5 to 10 business days. Please note that the processing time may take longer and is dependent upon our current volume of applications. After we review the application, you will be sent another email to inform you of the student's application status.

6) Express Mail Service: The admission documents for undergraduate, graduate, or Intensive English students will be sent to you by express mail for free.

Important Information

7) Exceptions: Agents cannot negotiate for changes to any part of these guidelines nor can we make special exceptions for some agents.

8) Exclusive Arrangements: Southwestern College cannot appoint any agency as our "exclusive" representative for a particular city or country.

9) Preliminary Evaluations: We accept preliminary evaluations of transcripts that you send to us by email or fax.  Students must submit all official documents upon arrival on campus for SC to make copies.

12) Enrollment Deposits: SC requires a $1,000 deposit from non-government funded applicants.  If a student decides not to attend, $900 is refundable.

13) Residential Campus: Southwestern College is a residential campus.  Students are required to live on-campus until they are 20 years old and junior status OR 21 years old and have lived on-campus for one year.

Expectations for Agents

14) Code of Conduct: Southwestern College expects all agents to conduct themselves in a professional manner. Our database tracks all conduct violations including, but not limited to:

  • Complaints from students about an agent's dishonest business practices
  • Agents who habitually submit applications for students who either use a SC I-20 to enter the U.S. but fail to enroll or immediately transfer to another institution
  • Agents who repeatedly submit applications with fraudulent transcripts or falsified bank statements
  • Agents who regularly send students who cannot afford to pay all of their educational expenses
  • Misleading students about what fees they must pay.
IMPORTANT: Southwestern College will terminate its relationship with any agent or agency that repeatedly violates our Code of Conduct.

15) Changes to Guidelines: Our Guidelines for Agents may change from time-to-time. SC will notify agents whenever there are changes.

16) Signatures: In order to become one of our approved agents, you are not required to sign any paper documents. However, when applying to be one of our agents, you must agree to abide by these guidelines.

Service Fee Payments

Undergraduate/ESL - $2,468 per student, per semester (year one)

Graduate, Education - $1,366 per student, per program duration

Graduate, MBA - $1,923 per student, per program duration

Service Fee Payment Schedule                                                                

Fall-Paid on the last day of November

Spring-Paid on the last day of April

Graduate fees will be paid at the end of the program.

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