Staying Legal in US

Staying in good status or legal in the United States is very important.  The United States Immigration and Citizenship Service requires students on F-1 student visas to follow certain regulations.  It is easier to be proactive and stay in good status then it is to fall into bad status and correct the immigration problem.

Here is a list of recommendations for staying in good status or legal in the United States.

  • Attend the school that is noted on the visa and I-20.
  • Keep all employment legal.
  • Keep the passport valid at all times.
  • Always enroll in a full course of study- 12 hours for undergraduates and 9 hours for graduate students.
  • Report any changes in academic and living arrangements.  Also, please see "Reporting Changes" for more information.
  • When transferring schools, notify the Director of International Student Services so we can inform SEVIS.  The new school will make sure you have spoken to your current advisor as well.
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