Secondary Education

Core English Requirements:

Students will be required to take the following:

  • Eng 213 Survey of English Literature
  • Eng 227 Survey of American Literature
  • Eng 335 Survey of World Literature 
  • Eng 340 Language: Structure and Meaning
  • Eng 347 Mythology and Literature
  • Eng 360 Advanced Composition
  • Eng 454A Senior Project 
  • Eng 454B Senior Project
  • Eng 499 Literary Theory and Criticism

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Emphasis in Secondary Education:

Students will be required to take the following in English:

  • Eng 328 Young Adult Literature
  • Eng 352/452 Readings in English Literature

As well as five additional courses from the following:

  • Eng 325 The Renaissance
  • Eng 349 20th and 21st Century Literature
  • Eng 425 Genre: Short Story
  • Eng 427 Genre: Poetry
  • Eng 429 Genre: Novella
  • Eng 430 Genre: Drama
  • Eng 440 Major Authors and Movements (may be repeated for credit)

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Cognate Requirements - Secondary Education

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