Why English?

While studying Shakespeare, Wordsworth, Tolkien and Atwood, students acquire skills that make them valuable employees. So when you consider why you should study English, think about the skills you could be developing in these courses.

Skills such as:

  • Adapting ideas 
  • Analyzing complex ideas and situations
  • Arguing logically
  • Critical thinking
  • Coherence in speech and writing
  • Comparing and summarizing
  • Generating new ideas
  • Independently thinking 
  • Information management
  • Interpreting confusing language
  • Problem solving
  • Questioning conventions
  • Researching
  • Reading for tone and attitude
  • Rewriting and editing
  • Seeing connections
  • Simplifying jargon

The study of literature also incorporates materials from other disciplines such as history, sociology, theology, and philosophy, giving students insight to and understanding of the development of contemporary culture.

Build an education.

Build an education.

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