Discipleship RSS Feed en-us https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/ Discipleship RSS Feed <![CDATA[SC to Launch BeADisciple Academy]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1549 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1549 Southwestern will soon launch the online BeADisciple Academy, thanks to a grant received from the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church.

“We are so appreciative of the General Board of Higher Education and Ministry of the United Methodist Church for both their support of the concept and financial backing of $40,000 to underwrite development costs” states Steve Wilke, executive director of the Institute for Discipleship at Southwestern College.  

The BeADisciple Academy is designed to be a global online faith-building fellowship for high school or college students who want to go deeper in their faith lives and leadership skills. The Academy uses a wide range of contemporary online resources to provide interactive opportunities for students, including social media, webinars, videos, and other web-based initiatives. Both the high school and collegiate sessions run for two 12-week intervals in the fall and spring, concurrent with the school year.

Southwestern College is building on its strength as an online provider in higher education and its long history of developing young Christian leaders from around the world to develop, launch, and support this new global, interactive, online high school and college disciple Bible study and leadership program.

A beta test year will begin on Sept. 8 for the 24-week academy. A better understanding of God, self, and call is the goal of the Academy. Students will be in small groups and a part of a network of participants as well.

For more information, contact Wilke (620) 229-6277 or by email at steve.wilke@sckans.edu.  If you would like to learn more about the BeADisciple Academy, go to www.BeADisciple.com/academy.

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<![CDATA[Molly Just Hired as Director of Discipleship at SC]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1544 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1544 Molly (Komlofske) Just has been selected as the director of discipleship at Southwestern College.

Molly JustHer duties include providing leadership for the Discipleship Southwestern service-learning team which requires close work with students, faculty, and staff relative to faith formation of emerging adults. 

The Discipleship Southwestern team is a group of 40 undergraduate students who have made a commitment to study and practice their Christian faith.  According to Cheryl Rude, director of Leadership Southwestern, Just’s work will connect the campus to the community by maintaining long-held relationships and building new connections with area youth ministers, camp directors, campus ministers, as well as the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church. 

“I am excited to have Molly join our Southwestern College community,” Rude says.  “Just is a returning alumna of the Discipleship program, so I look forward to seeing how she mixes the traditions of her own experience with her new knowledge and perspectives from seminary to help shape the future direction of the program.”

Just is a 2012 graduate of Southwestern College where she earned a bachelor of arts degree in philosophy and religious studies.  She has also earned minors in youth ministry and Christian discipleship.  She is currently studying for her master of divinity degree from Asbury Theological Seminary.  Just is also a certified candidate for ordination in the Great Plains Conference of the United Methodist Church.

Just is originally from Holcomb and now lives in Winfield with her husband, Kyle.

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<![CDATA[Discipleship Southwestern Students Spend Spring Break on Mission Trip in Atlanta]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1343 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1343 Nine Discipleship Southwestern students and Ashlee Alley, director of campus ministry at Southwestern College, spent their spring break on a mission trip in Atlanta.

“I think it’s so important for people to have experiences that are different from our normal lives in Winfield,” Alley says.  “A mission trip to a place very different from what we experience on a day-to-day basis allows us to think differently about people in our own community.  It helps us think about how we can be God’s hands and feet right here on our campus and in Winfield.”

The team spent two days working with Stand Up For Kids, a program that works with homeless children in Atlanta.  They also spent two days working with Friendship Center, run by The Holy Comforter Episcopal Church, which focuses on helping people with mental disabilities.

“At Stand up For kids we did whatever was asked,” says Polina Dyadyk, a Southwestern College Discipleship student.  “Some students worked with sorting clothes, organizing and cleaning, while others were working on marketing, social networking and planning a fundraising event for the program.  At Holy Comforter we spent the first half of the day interacting with participants by playing bingo, doing yoga, and eating breakfast and lunch with them. After they were taken home we raked leaves, carried gravel, and painted a room.”

Alley said working with Stand up For Kids and Holy Comforter was meaningful to everybody.

“Our experience with an organization that serves mostly runaway kids from terrible family situations was a very different reality than what we know,” Alley says.  “Our ability to support their ministry, even for two days, was eye-opening.  We also had a great experience learning about being in a city.  We took the train or busses for transportation, stayed at a campus ministry center at Georgia Tech, and experienced an urban life for a week.  I’m proud of our students who chose to spend their spring break learning and serving God in Atlanta.”

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<![CDATA[SC Photo Contest Winner]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1331 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1331

SC Photo Contest Winner!

Winfield is happy to showcase the winner of the Southwestern College spring photo contest: Jonathan Woon. The winning photo is titled "When east meets west" and depicts Frank Hua, adjunct faculty at Southwestern College, teaching his students how to practice Tai-chi, an ancient Chinese martial art. It was taken on the lawn outside Deets Library on the SC campus. The runner-up in the photo contest was Arden Moon’s “Beggar Woman” in which she captures her reflection in a window looking out of the Christy Administration Building at a snow covered 77 Steps. 

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<![CDATA[$1,260 Raised for Nothing But Nets at Southwestern College]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1312 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1312 Fans in Stewart Field House raised $1,260 in donations for the Nothing But Nets campaign at the Southwestern vs. Bethel basketball doubleheader Jan. 12.

According to Ashlee Alley, campus minister at Southwestern, Imagine No Malaria is a project of the United Methodist Church to educate and protect those most vulnerable to malaria and help treat those affected by it.

“The work of fighting malaria in our little corner of the world has been a team effort:  For the last several years, Bishop Dick Wilke has continued to set the challenge of malaria before our community,” Alley says.  “We’re grateful for (Southwestern College) athletic director Dave Denly’s willingness to make it a priority to set aside a basketball game each season as a game to raise funds.  Discipleship Southwestern students pull together the information about malaria and the efforts being made to beat it and work the table at the games each year.  For this year, I’m so pleased to see such generosity from fans of SC and Bethel to make such an important donation.”

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<![CDATA[Discipleship awards the Heart of Leadership Recognition]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1311 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1311 Discipleship recently awarded their Heart of Leadership awards which includes a $500 prize.

Discipleship awarded their Heart of Leadership award to the First United Methodist Church youth group in McPherson.  

“They were given the award because of the diligence and passion for their service,” say Mallorie Coffman, Southwestern College Discipleship team administrator.  “They are participating in mission throughout the Midwest and other missions in Africa.”

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<![CDATA[Institute for Discipleship Developing Youth Disciple Online]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1177 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1177 The Institute for Discipleship (IFD) at Southwestern College has been awarded $10,000 from the Moody Memorial Permanent Endowment Fund in Galveston, Texas, for the development of Youth Disciple Online (YDO).

“I am so please to have the support of the folks at Moody,” says Steve Wilke, executive director of the IFD.

According to Wilke, this project will provide youth the opportunity to study and discuss the scriptures totally online. Gone will be some of the challenges due to schedules and transportation. In addition, this format provides for groups to be international.  The funding provides for the development of the study as it is moved from a printed manual to an online format, and for facilitator training and promotion.

To learn more about YDO, go to www.BeADisciple.com/youthdiscipleonline.

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<![CDATA[Road Race to Benefit Cystic Fibrosis and Spina Bifida]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1140 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1140 Southwestern College senior Christy Rude along with The Hands and Feet Committee of Discipleship Southwestern are hosting Race for the Kids on Sunday, April 1, at 2 p.m. at Island Park in Winfield.  All proceeds from the race will go toward the foundations for cystic fibrosis and spina bifida. 

There is a $10 registration fee and registration will be available online at www.sckans.edu/raceforthekids.  Registration may also occur the day of the race and will begin at 1:30 p.m.   According to Rude, under a special offer for college and high school sports teams, entire teams can race for a $50 entry free.  The three events will be a 5K, a one-mile run, and a 400-yard run for ages 12 and under.

The race is Rude’s senior project for Discipleship Southwestern and the second year for the event.

“The community is really coming together with the discipleship team to help provide some exciting additions to this year’s race,” Rude says.  “Last year we were able to raise around $700, which was divided up and sent to both the Spina Bifida Association and the Cystic Fibrosis Foundation.  The hope for this race is that it will bring college students and the community together for a common cause.”

The Hands and Feet Committee of Discipleship Southwestern exists to provide students with opportunities to participate in ministry through both local ministry and outreach events.  

Prizes will be awarded to each of first through third placements of the 5k and one-mile races; gift cards will also be awarded for first and second place runners in both the 5k and 1-mile, and chances will be sold for gift certificates to other businesses.

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<![CDATA[Kingdom Committee Raises Awareness, Money for Malaria]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1002 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/1002 A spring event at Southwestern College raised funds for malaria awareness.

Approximately 50 students participated in the Imagine No Malaria (INM) event organized by the Kingdom Committee of Discipleship Southwestern. Co-chairs were Molly Komlofske and Alicia Ong. The event began with set-up of tents, cardboard boxes, and mosquito netting.

“We provided large rolls of tulle for people to make their nets with,” says Komlofske.  “We hung string from tree-to-tree and made clotheslines and provided clothespins for people to use to make their nets. Because of the cool temperatures, we told them that they could bring tents to sleep in if they wanted to. Most did, although we had a few people who slept with only the nets as their protective covers. We did, however, provide plastic tablecloths for people to place under their sleeping bags so they wouldn’t get wet from the morning dew.”

Throughout the evening, games and trivia taught the students about malaria.

“We then did a presentation about Imagine No Malaria and its purpose with information that we got from the web site (www.imaginenomalaria.org),” Komlofske says. “We also had a staff member at Southwestern who e-mailed us and told us that he wanted to help with our event because he contracted malaria in the Gulf War. He told us his story and we passed it on to our students during our presentation time.” 

The students then congregated in the welcome center for concessions, and proceeds from the concessions went towards INM. 

The Kingdom Committee ended up raising $800 for INM.

“Imagine No Malaria is an organization that falls under the umbrella of the United Methodist Church, so it’s a UMC organization,” says Komlofske.  “To date, over $18 million have been raised for INM and the disease has been decreased by 50% in some areas because of the purchase of bed nets and treatment. This organization’s goal is to eradicate malaria by 2015.  All of the proceeds that we raised went directly to INM to help purchase bed nets and provide treatment to people who live in an area where malaria is prevalent.”

Southwestern College campus minister Ashlee Alley was impressed with this event.

“The Kingdom Committee of Discipleship plans several awareness-raising or fundraising events, but this was our most successful activity this year, as they connected with other events on campus and students who might not ordinarily come to a campus ministry event,” Alley says.  “I’m very proud of the commitment that these students had for contributing to the eradication of malaria and also the student body who jumped on board with it.”

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<![CDATA[Race for the Kids]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/848 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/848 Recently the Hands and Feet Committee of Discipleship did Race for the Kids. This race was put on to benefit kids with spinal bifida and cystic fibrosis. The race was help at the Winfield fair grounds on the 24th of October. We managed to raise over $600 dollars to give to the foundations for both diseases. The race was definitely a success!

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<![CDATA[2010 Annual Discipleship Newsletter]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/784 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/784 The Annual Discipleship Newsletter for 2010 is now available!

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<![CDATA[4th Annual Discipleship Auction ]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/684 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/684 You are invited to the 4th Annual Discipleship Fundraising Silent Auction! 

It is a custom for Discipleship Southwestern to take a mission trip in May after graduation as a culmination of our mental and spiritual growth over the year. This year we will be staying in Kansas doing local missions, but next year we will be going abroad! Your prayers and support would be greatly appreciated this year at the Discipleship Auction!

Auction Information

When: Sunday, February 21, 2010

Where? Southwestern College, Deet's Library

Time: 1:00 p.m. - 3:00 p.m. *Silent bidding will end at 2:30 and door prizes will be distributed between 1:30 and 2:45

Cost: $5 at the door *This covers dessert, a door prize, and the chance to big on our auction items!

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ashlee Alley either at (620) 229.6362 or at Ashlee.Alley@sckans.edu

Auction Item Overview

Basket List
  • PS2 Gaming Bundle
  • Proactive Kit
  • Bringing-up-Baby Basket
  • Nintendo DS and Game Set
  • Decorative Framing
  • Bed and Breakfast stay at the Barns at Timber Creek
  • Fish-in-a-Bowl Basket
  • Soup/Hot Chocolate Bowl and Mug Set
  • Ready-Set-PLANT
  • Word-Art (Framed Set)
  • Authentic Dish and Chopstick Set
  • Mary-Kay Basket (1)
  • Mary-Kay Basket (2)
  • Mary-Kay Basket (3)
  • Italian Creme Soda Basket
  • Dessert Basket
  • Move-Night Basket
  • Flowers-all-Around Basket (3 framed custom photos)
  • A-Day-at-the-Farm (3 framed custom photographs)
  • Sunrise/Sunset (2 custom framed photographs)
  • Box-of-Games Basket (Family Game night)
  • Well-Baby Basket
  • Reach-Out Basket (Cards, stamps, pens)
  • Women's Chillax Kit
  • Study Bible Set

Student Services

  • 4 hours of manual labor
  • 5 exquisite Sunday meals
  • 1 Authentic Mexican meal for a party of 4
  • Homemade desserts - 1 each month for a year
  • 2 hours of cleaning house
  • 4 hours of cleaning or organizational help
  • 3, 1-hour guitar lessons
  • 1 fancy occasion hairstyling
  • 3 certificates for one up-do for prom
  • 2 evenings of babysitting, up to 4 kids, up to 5 hours each time
  • 10 hours of babysitting (to be divided by the buyer)
  • 10 hours of pet-care (Time divided at owner's discretion) 
  • Evening babysitting with planned activities

To see a full description of each auction item, click here

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<![CDATA[Wingnuts Finale to Include Music from SC]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/560 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/560 There will be a Southwestern College flair to the upcoming Faith Night with the Wichita Wingnuts on Sunday, Aug. 30.

A Southwestern College worship community group led by Martin Rude will perform 45 minutes of music in the concourse area at Lawrence-Dumont Stadium beginning at 4:15 p.m.  The ballgame between Wichita and Grand Prairie will begin at 5 p.m.  It is the final regular season game for the Wingnuts so it is also Fan Appreciation Night.

A Southwestern College service learning table will be on display featuring items from the Leadership, discipleship, worship outreach, and Green teams.

For tickets, call Brian at (316) 264-4625 or SC student Caitlin Smith at (785) 531-0207.

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<![CDATA[Apply to Discipleship, 2009-2010]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/430 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/430 Are you interested in applying to Discipleship Southwestern, one of Southwestern's service-learning programs where students are able to grow in their faith in the context of Christian community?  You can do it online at www.sckans.edu/discipleship.  We have just discovered an error in our online application that was previously posted there, so if you are interesting in applying for a spot for next school year, please apply again via the website.  If you have any other questions, feel free to contact Ashlee Alley at ashlee.alley@sckans.edu

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<![CDATA[Nothing but Nets]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/348 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/348 More information to come.

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<![CDATA[New Team to Lead Discipleship]]> https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/84 https://www.sckans.edu/activities/discipleship/news/view/84 2008-2009 Discipleship Team Photo (JPG)

This fall a group of 13 students in their third year of Discipleship Southwestern has an opportunity to put into practice some of what they’ve learned throughout their time as members of the service-learning program, Discipleship Southwestern.

Students have spent the first two years learning what their gifts are and what they are passionate about, as well as taking individual steps to grow in their faith.

Late last spring it was their turn to step up into the leadership of the team of about 55 students, serving in roles such as Chair of the Missions committee, Mentoring Liaison, and Team Administration.

“I’m the Director of the program, but the students really run it,” said Rev. Ashlee Alley who has served in her role since 2005.  “It’s exciting to see them come in as freshmen, learn more about themselves, about God, and how to live in Christian community.  By the time that they are in the third year of the program, they are in a position where they get to serve the others in a formal capacity.  Some of the ways they serve are in up-front ways, such as planning the monthly service projects or annual mission trip while others are more behind the scenes, like maintaining the website or sending out a weekly newsletter.”

The students this year are from all over Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, Singapore and Indonesia.

The purpose of Discipleship Southwestern is to make informed, transformed, equipped and healthy disciples of Jesus at home, at work, at church, and in the world. 


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