About The Project

Richardson Performing Arts Center “To support the production and presentation of outstanding performances in the arts, Southwestern College has created the new Richardson Performing Arts Center which is composed of three related projects. The centerpiece is the beautifully renovated auditorium. The renovation provides an exciting showcase for performances by the college’s students, by community and regional performing ensembles, and by visiting performers. Development of a new technical theater center will address a longstanding need for a teaching venue addressing technical aspects of theatrical performance. Finally, renovation of the college’s Reuter pipe organ in the auditorium has dramatically enhanced the performance and teaching of organ music at the college.”

Improved Experiences For


  • New, comfortable seating, reconfigured for continental seating with side aisles and extra leg room

  • ADA compliant seating area for those with mobility challenges

  • Excellent acoustics providing clarity for music and the spoken word

  • Attractive lighting and beautiful décor

  • ADA compliant restroom facilities

  • A totally new and exciting performance venue


  • Up-to-date technical equipment and control areas to support music, theater, and lecture presentations

  • Excellent acoustics

  • Refurbished organ and new organ console

  • ADA lift to access stage

  • Renovated dressing rooms and green room

  • A wonderful new venue for choral and instrumental music, theater, lectures, and convocations


  • Dramatically improved opportunities for instruction in technical theater and performance production, using industry-standard equipment in safe and ADA - compliant facilities

  • A beautiful new venue for rehearsal and performance