Curriculum and Instruction (MED)

MAIN CAMPUS (Winfield, KS)

This M.Ed. in Curriculum and Instruction program is specifically developed for full time graduate students seeking learning through Socratic-style seminars. The program is particularly beneficial for U.S. and international students seeking advanced work to improve their understanding of teaching, learning, and assessing students and programs.

Small class sizes contribute to unique opportunities to advance rapidly through the program with particular attention to the special interests of each student. This focus allows for a personalized series of learning experiences that enable ongoing work and success in the P-12 schools, community college teaching, as well as a strong foundation of academic work that will enable successful progress toward the doctorate degree.

This program can be blended into the senior year of course work for Southwestern College students who have degree plans that will have 124 semester hours or more including student teaching. The teacher education program allows students who are nearing the end of their undergraduate program of study to begin taking graduate level classes. Graduate courses cannot be substituted for undergraduate courses.

Special Arrangements for Chinese International Students

By special arrangement for Chinese international students, the program can begin at Huangshan University in Anhui Province and then continue in the United States at Southwestern College. Or, the program can be started at Southwestern College.

The program from bachelors to masters degree program with Huangshan University begins in the fall semester at Huangshan where intensive English and courses in curriculum and instruction are taught. During the spring semester, courses at Huangshan University and on-line through Southwestern College complete four courses prior to traveling to the United States to complete the program.

Students arrive from China in July, complete one summer class, three courses in the fall semester and three more in the spring semester. The program is completed in May of each year.

Information about the Huangshan University bachelors to masters degree program can be obtained from:

Wang Yicong 

    International Office in Huangshan University

    39 Xihai Rd. Tunxi, Huangshan City, Anhui Province, China.



Admission Requirements

You can find step-by-step instructions at the link below.  Apply today!

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