Intensive English Studies

The Intensive English Language Certificate program at Southwestern College provides high quality, intensive instruction in English as an additional language. There are 4 levels of language instruction, and students receive 20 hours of instruction per week. The curriculum has an academic focus based on the core classes of reading/composition, listening/speaking and grammar. Students may also be allowed classes based on academic and cultural interests.

SC recognizes the completion of Level 4 in lieu of TOEFL for undergraduate admissions. Graduate program admissions is gained upon passing advanced level courses in reading, writing/grammar, listening, and speaking or TOEFL/IELTS/Chinese English Exam level VI. (Please note that SC also considers an applicant's previous academic record as part of the admissions process).

The Intensive English Language Certificate (IELC) program provides non-English speaking or limited-English speaking students with an intensive English language program leading to a higher level of English language fluency and better preparation for their entrance, participation and success in academic programs delivered in English.

Applicants accepted into the program will be international students in need of assistance in learning English. Students must meet the following criteria to be admitted into the IELC program. The student must be at least 17 years old and has completed high school, its equivalent or has successfully completed some advanced academic work in a college or university. Graduate admission requires a bachelor’s degree. All applicants must meet U.S. visa requirements and have obtained the necessary U.S. visa in order to enroll at Southwestern College.

Undergraduate/graduate applicants will be administered an English proficiency test during their first week of instruction to determine their level of competency in listening, speaking, reading, and writing/grammar in English and for suitable placement in courses in listening and speaking, grammar and writing, reading and vocabulary within the IELC program.

Students will earn general elective credit for each course successfully completed. Each week, students are required to attend 12 hours of instruction and receive 8 hours of language tutoring for each assigned course designed to be 15 weeks in length.  An English language proficiency test will be administered at the end of each completed course to ascertain student progress and readiness to move on to the next course and/or student readiness for academic coursework.

Students who receive a satisfactory score in the course completed will enroll in the next sequential course being offered. Students who do not receive a satisfactory score on the proficiency test, in their area of study, will be required to repeat the course.  Students who receive a satisfactory mark on the proficiency test, at any time it is administered, will be eligible to participate in additional coursework.

Graduate students will likewise be administered the English proficiency test. Students who do not receive a satisfactory mark will be required to participate in an English language support program. Those who receive a satisfactory benchmark will enroll in coursework on a probationary basis including a language support course will enable students to receive up to six hours of instruction in English as well as tutoring services for each semester while enrolled in graduate courses on a probationary status. Application for admission into a graduate program requires a score of satisfactory or better on the English proficiency exam.

International students must be enrolled as full time students throughout the program of study.

Upon successful completion of the IELC program, a certificate of English language proficiency will be granted to the student. This is obtained by successfully passing the English language proficiency exams in listening, speaking, reading, and writing/grammar.

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