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Onc sphacelatum

Oncidium sphacelatum 'Sunbeam' AM 82 Pts

This plant doesn't seem to get as out of control like some other clones, it stays more compact.

Price:  $30.00

Rodrumnia WV Cherry

Rodrumnia Walnut Valley Cherry

(Rodrumnia Mill Hollow 'Bryon' HCC 77 Pts x Rudrumnia Cherry Hollow ' Bryon' AM 80 Pts)

Our cross, Hoping for a wide variety of oranges and reds. First bloom seedling.

Price: $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

tolumnia calypso queen

Tolumnia Calypso Queen 'Sundance' HCC 75 pts


(Golden Glow x pulchella)

Price:  $25.00

Tolumnia Stunner

Tolumnia Stunner 'Richella' HCC 77 Pts

(Golden Sunset x Valette)

Grows better mounted.  Excellent bloomer.

Price:  $25.00 (SOLD OUT)

Tolumnia urophylla

Tolumnia urophylla 'Bryon'

(St Croix)

Grow mounted because plant keikis off the inflorescence.  Grow bright and warm.

Price:  $15.00


Tolumnis sylvestris

Tolumnia sylvestris 'Terry Mannell'


A rambling equitant oncidium.  Grown on a mount.

Price: $15.00 

Tolumnia velutina

Tolumnia velutina 'Fox Den'


A rambling equitant oncidium.  One of the best clones.  Grown on a mount.

Price: $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

Tolumnia WV Queen

Tolumnia Walnut Valley Queen

(Tolumnia Calypso Queen ' Sundance' HCC 75 Pts x Tolumnia Walnut Valley ' M & B Harlequin' AM 82 Pts)

Our cross. First bloom seedling.

Price: Singles $15.00 (SOLD OUT)

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