What’s in it for your students?
  • Enhanced musicianship through ensemble rehearsals, sectionals, private lessons, and practice
  • Exploration of interests: small ensembles/combos, technique development, music theory, composition
  • Evening activities with fellow participants: faculty concerts, guest appearances, theatre improvisation, drum circles, world music night, and a talent show
  • Energized leadership: qualifying individuals may apply to be Counselors

What’s in it for you?
  • Student participants who return to your ensembles ready to lead and share passion for music

What do you do next?
  • Hand out brochures to students who may be interested and encourage them to register
  • Sign applicants’ registration forms for your students to receive the scholarship

You are in touch with the students who would most benefit from this experience, so we’re offering a scholarship to any student you recommend for the festival.  Scholarships are available through the generous support of the V. J. Wilkins Foundation in Cowley County.

Build an education.

Build an education.

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