From the President
This issue of The Southwesterner celebrates people who have made special gifts to the college. My pastor at Winfield First United Methodist Church often speaks of gifts of "time, talent, and treasure." The individuals we celebrate in this issue have given abundantly in all these ways.

An extraordinary group of trustees completed their service to SC this spring. Ward Cole, Kern Gordon, Ken Hiebsch, George McNeish, J.J. Banks, Steve McSpadden, and Kelly Bender have, combined, served on the board of SC for almost two centuries! They are savvy, principled, and absolutely devoted to the college. They also bring the gift of perspective: On the day I was inaugurated as president of SC, one of them took me aside and said, "Don't take this all too seriously. Just remember, the number of people who attend your funeral will be directly related to the weather that day."

Earl Spidel, Marvin Hafenstein, and Jim Strand have brought tremendous energy and enthusiasm to their work at SC. Earl has played key roles in the management of the college's finances and in securing gifts for the college. Marvin launched the college's successful and growing professional studies program for adult learners. And Jim has lifted the spirits of thousands of students, alumni, and friends with his exuberant love of music.

Our good friends G.D. and Sula McSpadden, and Trustee Keith Dial, have recently made very significant financial gifts to Southwestern. I think you will enjoy reading about their histories with SC and the thoughtful ways they have assisted Southwestern through well-designed estate and gift planning. It is a wonderful privilege to know these people. Their commitment to Southwestern reflects, like nothing else can, the power of the college's ideals to call forth the special gifts of allegiance and friendship.

Best regards,

Dick Merriman

From Alumni Programs

The academic year has drawn to a close, and the class of 2000 has now entered the world as Southwestern College alumni. If you saw me grinning during Commencement, my face was only mirroring the excitement I saw in the faces of graduates.

These graduates have joined a special group-the SC alumni family. The class of 2000 was composed of individuals with varied backgrounds, diverse talents, and eclectic interests. But they share the common experience of Southwestern College, and this has created a bond that will last a lifetime. These same characteristics define our alumni. They are varied, diverse, eclectic, and Southwestern College runs through them. We have friends and peers willing to share experiences and pitch in to help, thanks to the strong relations that exist among our alumni.

The opportunity to become a member of this special group was earned, not given. It took hard work and much effort to graduate from Southwestern College. However, each of us had help. We each received some sort of financial support that assisted us in reaching our dream.

In the following pages you will read about some wonderful estate gifts that have been established to benefit future students. Similar gifts were made when we were students at Southwestern, gifts to us from people who never knew us, but cared enough to help.

As you read this issue of The Southwesterner, I hope you will consider making a gift to the college. Your support does make a difference in the lives of our students. Then I encourage you to come to Commencement next spring and see first-hand the impact your support makes on the lives of so many people.

Please join me in congratulating the class of 2000, and on behalf of this class, thank you for the support you have given these new fellow alumni in becoming graduates of Southwestern College!

Paul Bean '85
Vice President for Institutional Advancement