Rhythm of Love CD Fulfills Outreach Dreams

A dream that began in the spring of 1999 has culminated in Rhythm of Love, a CD recorded by members of Southwestern College's outreach teams. Martin Rude, director of campus life and outreach, helped the dream become reality.

"In the spring of 1999 Daniel Miller ('00) and I began talking about recording some of the songs he had written for Keynotes, one of the ministry outreach teams from Southwestern," Rude explains. "I promised him that we would get some of his songs recorded before he graduated but neither one of us knew when it would all come together."

The timing of the promise was made more difficult by the variety of activities the groups were involved with: The outreach teams had just started planning a Singapore and Malaysia ministry trip and Rude knew that the trip would consume both energy and resources.

"Even so," he says, "I wanted his songs to be permanently recorded and written out so that they wouldn't be lost after Daniel graduated. I also knew there are other high school and college vocal directors like me who are always on the lookout for fresh, new vocal compositions."

Little time was available to work on the songs until the fall of 1999. Then, while camping one night in the woods on the Rude farm, Miller and a new transfer student, J.C. Ledford, co-wrote "It Was My Fault." Rude was delighted with the piece; the time had come to begin recording.

Spring break week of 2000 was set as the time to start. Ledford brought some of his songs to the project along with those of Steven Butler '97, and the song list was complete.

Although they would have liked to include many people in the project, time was of the essence so the number of participants was kept to six. Sophomore Sara Melcher (this year the student director of Keynotes) and Rude rounded out the group along with sound engineer Carter Green. Green, who is music director at First United Methodist Church in Wellington, offered to record the project for a third of its usual cost.

Initial funding for the project, enough to cover the cost of recording, came from contributions of churches the outreach teams had visited.

"I can't say enough about Carter Green," Rude adds. "He has a better ear and attitude for recording than anyone I have ever worked with. We couldn't have done the project with our small budget without his gift. The rest of the duplicating funding had to wait until we returned from Malaysia. God was good in giving us more than the $40,000 needed for the trip. That surplus of gifts was just enough to have the CDs printed."

With a cover designed by Shelley Fraley '02, the CD was ready to market and this year has been available as the outreach teams visit local churches.

"There is always more you would like to do on an album project, such as the addition of orchestration, but this gives us something to shoot for on the next album," Rude says. "With what we had to work with, I am very pleased with the quality and the spirit of this album."

For more information on the CD, contact Rude at (316) 229-6378, or visit the Web site at www.sckans.edu/~ministry/album/

SC Teams Up With Marines in Toys for Tots Campaign

Christmas will be merrier for children in the Wichita and Winfield area thanks to the efforts of Southwestern College's professional studies staff. New toys may be dropped off at the three centers to be distributed by the Marine Corps Reserve in its Toys for Tots program. The first toy donated was by Judy VanMeter, shown at far left with Marine Corps personnel and Karen Pedersen, vice president for professional studies. A student in the professional studies program, VanMeter makes and donates special stuffed animals each year in honor of her own son, a former Navy Seal. Toys will be accepted until mid-December.


North Central Visit Set for February

A team from the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools will visit Southwestern College Feb. 12-14, 2001, as part of its regular accrediting process.

"As part of this process, we invite our friends and constituents to submit comments relating to the quality of the institution or its programs," says President Dick Merriman. "These comments will be added to the information used in determining whether Southwestern will receive the optimal 10-year reaccreditation."

Comments should be sent to:
Public Comment on Southwestern College
Commission on Institutions of Higher Education
North Central Association of Colleges and Schools
30 North LaSalle Street, Suite 2400
Chicago, IL 60602

"Comments must address substantive matters related to the quality of the institution or its academic programs," association guidelines point out. "Comments must be in writing and signed; comments cannot be treated as confidential."

All comments must be received by Jan. 12, 2001.


Southwestern College Student Nurses Lead Statewide Organization

Nursing students from Southwestern College were elected to top positions in the Kansas Association of Nursing Students during its mid-October convention. The organization represents nursing programs at Kansas colleges and universities including the University of Kansas, Wichita State, and Bethel College. Students campaigned at the convention, culminating with speeches for the KANS board.

When votes had been counted, four of the top spots were held by SC students: Carrie Bloedel, Winfield, president; Tessa Ball, Winfield, treasurer; Angela Wallace, Udall, legislative chair, and Shanna Shearburn, El Dorado, newsletter editor.