Honors Convocation

2021 Virtual Honors Convocation Message

Junior Marshals

The two full-time students who are enrolled in campus-based programs and have earned between 79 and 110 hours (inclusive), of which at least thirty are graded hours earned at Southwestern, having the highest cumulative grade point averages.

  • Maria Collins
  • Jessica Coleman

2020-2021 Scholars of the College

These two students have all achieved the highest grade-point average among full-time students who are enrolled in campus-based programs, have earned 85 or more credit hours, and have not previously been named to the honor.

Erin Hall Erin Hall is a senior from Norwich, majoring in philosophy and religion. She is the daughter of Don Hall and Laurie and Joe Hageman.
Nicholas Detter Nicholas Detter is a senior from Andover, majoring in sustainability and environmental studies.  He is the son of Mark and Julie Detter.


The Masterbuilder award is given to six graduating seniors who best embody what it means to be a Builder and typify the spirit of Southwestern College.

  • Braden Calvin
  • Kerry Coleman
  • Drake Foster
  • Jean Francois Kuoume
  • Marcus Richard
  • Keyshawn Wyatt

Bishop’s Scholars

Provided by the Richard and Julia Wilke Institute for Discipleship, the Bishop Scholar award is a four-year scholarship for undergraduates exploring church vocations and global church engagement.

  • Rebeca Dominguez
  • Jesus Flores
  • Joefirkus Giat
  • Brian Kiprotich
  • Jon Luis Koe
  • Ruth Moreno
  • Fatuma Nyembo
  • Sheka Olenga
  • Santiago Tarin

Phi Theta Kappa Scholars

Phi Theta Kappa members earn and hold a minimum 3.2 GPA.

  • Telara Day
  • Cole Griffin
  • Kaila Harris
  • Kally Henson
  • Parker Holloway
  • Margarita Jimenez
  • Johnny Le
  • Taite Saldana
  • Kaylee Swanson
  • Kaleb Vining

Dean’s Honor Roll

The Dean’s Honor Roll recognizes the scholastic achievement of full-time undergraduate students during a single semester who earn 12 or more hours with a grade point average of 3.70 or higher.

Kallie Albrecht

Jecca Autry

Emma Bate

Samuel Beck

Emily Berry

Ousman Betts

Santiago Bracco

Jason Bray 

Zane Brooks

Lydia Bumgarner

Braden Calvin

Joshua Carter

Charon Cheatham

Conner Cheney

Caleb Cisneros

Hunter Clift

Kobina Coker

Chandler Coleman

Jessica Coleman

Maria Collins

Javier Contreras

Isabella Cornejo

Jah'Maizhia Cox

Jacob Crabtree

David Cruz Ossa

Landon Davis

Telara Day

Nicholas Detter

Breanna Dittert

Rebeca Dominguez

Jiovanni Duarte

Joshua Edson

Kanami Ellis

Benjamin Erdmann

Abbey Ferris

Lauren Fleischer

Jesus Flores

Erin Floyd

Heather Foltz

Drake Foster

Nicholas Frink

Joefirkus Giat

Gabriel Gonzalez

Cameron Goodrich

Alexis Gouyton

Kara Gregory

Cole Griffin

Lillian Grisso

Erin Hall

Brynn Harmsen

Kaila Harris

Jasmin Hauska

Matthew Hinnen

Raen Holding

Parker Holloway

Trinity Holman

Courtney Holmes

Kaylynn Hook

Kaden Hutton

Brandon Jessie

Joshua Johnson

Savannah Joldersma

Brian Kiprotich

Jon Luis Koe

Justin Lamatsch

Kacie Lancaster

Jordyn Lane

Alexandria Lawrence

Johnny Le

McKinley Lee

Brett Leise

Marcelo Mann

Claren McCormick

Merie McCown

Emily Elizabeth McElroy

Brailey McMinn

H Cooper Meadows

Carlos Mendoza

Kathleen Miller

Jacob Montgomery

David Moral Tebar

Sydney Morris

Nisa Muhammad

Abel Navarrete

Annika Newby

Meganne Nihart

Kaitlyn Noell

Sierra Norlin

Scarlett Nowlin

Sheka Olenga

Gerardo Ortiz

Daniel Paddock

Alyssa Patrick

Kaitlin Patulea

Tiny Phan

Cooper Pierce

Federico Poi

Travis Popenhagen

Alexa Powers

Delaney Purtee

Alejandro Ramos

Breslen Reid

Chandler Rich

Lauren Richter

Frank Rivas

Dustin Rivera

Emily Robinson

Jonah Robson

Sierra Salsman

Sycarreya Sanders

Elizabeth Santana

Fabio Schneider

Cassidy Schubert

Samuel Shook

Drew Smith

Faith Smith

Ashley Soderlund

Jennifer Solis

Tanner Spencer

Lani Stoddard

Emily Sutton

Markie Swanson

Tre Thomas

Vicente Tricio Valdes

Sergio Vera Martin

Kaleb Vining

Khord Vining

Zacky Viriot

Jefferson Vittitow

Joshua Walker

Dalton Ward

Peyton Wardell

Myla Werschky

Jarehn White

Zachary Williams

Daegiona Wilson

Ryan Wilson

Cody Wittenberg

Loren Wright

Bryan Yungeberg-Vann

Cooper Zehr

Distinguished Senior Student of Leadership

Students have contributed 400+ hours of service, maintained a minimum 3.0 GPA, and earned a minor in Leadership.

  • Samuel DeNike

Distinguished Senior Students in Discipleship

Students have contributed 200+ hours of service, participated in a weekly discipleship group, and earned a minor in Christian Discipleship.

  • Erin Hall
  • Sandra Fatuma Nyembo

Towel and Basin Servant Leadership Award for Discipleship

The Towel and Basin Award was created in 2006 to honor one senior who best illustrates a Christian example of Servant Leadership both within and outside the Discipleship Program.  The qualifications of the nominee are: Nominee must represent a mature (and maturing) Christian faith; Nominee must have illustrated a strong Christian example of Servant-Leadership qualities during their time at Southwestern College; Nominee must have completed three years of the Discipleship program, having served on the Shepherd Team; Nominee must be a graduating senior at Southwestern College.

  • Erin Hall

KCAC Scholar-Athletes

The Kansas Collegiate Athletic Conference (KCAC) recognizes excellence in the classroom by student-athletes in the KCAC who have achieved sophomore academic standing at the start of their sport season, and who maintain a minimum cumulative GPA of 3.33 while lettering in their sport.

  • Lydia Bumgarner (Women’s Indoor Track & Field)
  • Jah'Maizhia Cox (Women’s Indoor Track & Field)
  • Morgan Graves (Women’s Indoor Track & Field)
  • Abi Kerr (Women’s Indoor Track & Field)
  • Kacie Lancaster (Women’s Indoor Track & Field)
  • Taylor Rodriguez (Men’s Track & Field)
  • Peyton Wardell (Men’s Track & Field)
  • Daegiona Wilson (Women’s Indoor Track & Field)
  • Emily Sutton (Women's Soccer)
  • Kaylee Swanson(Women's Soccer)
  • Sierra Salsman(Women's Soccer)
  • Rachel Sanders(Women's Soccer)
  • Morgan Mitchell (Women's Soccer)
  • Kryslyn Henderson (Women's Soccer)
  • Kaitlyn Noell (Women's Soccer)
  • Ashley Soderlund (Women's Soccer)
  • Hailey Rouse (Women's Soccer)
  • Lauren Fleischer (Women's Soccer)

2020-2021 KCAC Champions of Character

Each KCAC team and sport select one individual that best exemplifies the core values of the NAIA Champions of Character program.

  • Morgan Graves (Women’s Cross Country)
  • Peyton Wardell (Men’s Cross County)
  • Marcus Richard (Football)
  • Sophia Wicker (Volleyball)
  • Kobina Coker (Men’s Soccer)
  • Lauren Fleischer (Women’s Soccer)
  • Quentin Wallace (Men’s Basketball)
  • Ashley Carrillo (Women’s Basketball)
  • Jacob Baer (Men’s Indoor Track)
  • Lydia Bumgarner (Women’s Indoor Track)
  • Santiago Bracco (Men’s Tennis)
  • Jasmin Hauska (Women’s Tennis)
  • Jason "Sparky" Bray (Baseball)
  • Kayleen Gonzalez (Softball)
  • Track Phillip Jones (Men’s Outdoor)
  • Kacie Lancaster (Women’s Outdoor Track)
  • Khord Vining (Men’s Golf)
  • Lauren Sieh (Women’s Golf)

NAIA Daktronics Scholar-Athletes

The National Association of Intercollegiate Athletics (NAIA) recognizes excellence in the classroom by NAIA student-athletes who are juniors or above in academic standing with a 3.5 cumulative GPA. Students must have attended Southwestern for two full years as a non-transfer, or one full year as a transfer student.

  • Emily Sutton (Women's Soccer)
  • Kaylee Swanson (Women's Soccer)
  • Sierra Salsman (Women's Soccer)
  • Rachel Sanders (Women's Soccer)
  • Morgan Mitchell (Women's Soccer)
  • Kaitlyn Noell (Women's Soccer)
  • Ashley Soderlund (Women's Soccer)
  • Lauren Fleischer (Women's Soccer)

NAIA All-American

The best NAIA student-athletes in each sport. Specific guidelines and criteria are set at the NAIA level by each sport.

  • This award has not yet been announced. Please check back for updates.

KCAC All-Conference

  • All-KCAC 1st Team – Madelyn Banda & Hailey Rouse
  • All-KCAC Honorable Mention – Rachel Sanders, Morgan Mitchell, Lauren Fleischer, Paige Roberts, & Ashley Soderlund

Most Outstanding Student-Athlete

The top senior female and male student-athletes who demonstrate exceptional performance in athletics, academics, leadership, and college and community service.

  • This award has not yet been announced. Please check back for updates.

2020-2021 KCAC Team of Character

The KCAC recognizes one team in each sport as the conference’s Team of Character based on specific guidelines and criteria.

  • Women's Soccer

Beta Beta Beta Biology Honor Society

The national undergraduate honor society for students in the biological sciences in which members must demonstrate an enthusiasm for the biological sciences and excellence in their science coursework.

  • Selena Barnett
  • Haley Foltz
  • Cameron Goodrich
  • Savannah Joldersma

Pi Gamma Mu International Honor Society Seniors

Students have earned at least 30 hours of course credits from the Social Sciences division and a have 3.0 cumulative GPA.

  • Jacquelyn Bogner
  • Braden Calvin
  • Nick Detter
  • Rebeca Dominguez 
  • Taite Saldana
  • Cassidy Schubert

Sigma Tau Delta International Honor Society

Students have completed three semesters of college including two English courses beyond College Writing I and 2 and a have 3.0 cumulative GPA.

  • This award has not yet been announced. Please check back for updates.

United Methodist Scholars

Membership in a United Methodist Church earning a 3.0 GPA or higher with Intention to enter some form of vocational ministry (local church, missions, youth ministry, music ministry, etc.) and accepting the Discipleship Southwestern or Worship Outreach activity grant.

  • Megan Allen
  • Maeson Bryant
  • Lydia Bumgarner
  • Chandler Coleman
  • Kerry Coleman
  • Joshua Day
  • Erin Hall
  • Kryslyn Henderson
  • William Hilton
  • Isabella Hunt
  • Seth Manche
  • Odyssey Mann
  • Brandon Murphy-Ward
  • Tyler Nelson
  • Claire Nichols
  • Sheka Olenga
  • Daniel Paddock
  • Emily Robinson
  • Daci Stover

Ross & Agnes Williams Endowed Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to members of the Williams String Quartet. Members, who must also perform in the South Kansas Symphony, are selected by the Kilmer Endowed Chair of Strings Education. They represent the music department and college at many events on- and off-campus throughout the year.

  • This award has not yet been announced. Please check back for updates.

Teachers of Promise

Students are chosen by the EDUC 440 teachers and the division faculty make recommendations and rate teacher education candidates who have completed professional core classes in good standing without areas of concern from previous instructors.

  • Fall 2020: Brailey McMinn and Cole Griffin
  • Spring 2021: Jennifer Solis and Crystal Hayes

Pillars Academic Scholarship

These scholarships are awarded to students who demonstrate outstanding academic abilities.  The scholarship is named for the four pillars of the iconic Christy Administration Building located at the top of the scenic 77 Steps. They represent the four values extolled in the college’s Alma Mater: Knowledge, Hope, Courage, and Freedom. 

  • Jamieson Campo
  • Carson Clum
  • Maria Collins
  • Liam Cunningham
  • Nicholas Detter
  • Cameron Goodrich
  • Alexandria Lawrence
  • Kathleen Miller
  • Sierra Norlin

Moundbuilder Spirit Scholarship

This scholarship is awarded annually to students who are well-rounded, considerate, hardworking, and community-minded. This scholarship is awarded to extraordinary people who exhibit great potential.

  • Caitlin Estrin
  • Tiny Phan
  • Jonah Robson
  • Faith Smith
  • Jennifer Solis
  • Jennifer Warren
  • Daegiona Wilson

2020 South KS Symphony Concerto Competition

This annual event gives Southwestern College students the opportunity to perform a solo with the South Kansas Symphony on the last concert of the season, showcasing a higher level of talent and achievement.

  • Senior Division 1st Place - Joe Giat
  • Senior Division 2nd Place - Savannah Joldersma & Katie Miller

Academic Organizations


An international non-profit organization that brings together student, academic, and business leaders who are committed to using the power of entrepreneurial action to improve the quality of life and standard of living for people in need. Southwestern College’s Enactus team seeks to create and implement community empowerment projects around the globe.

  • Ousman Betts
  • Michelle Hawkins
  • Chandler Rich
  • Frank Rivas

Campus Student Leadership

Student Government Association Executive Team

A full-time undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 shall be eligible for election certification of an official petition to the election committee including one-hundred (100) different signatures, without and repeat or infringement of signatures, of full-time Southwestern College students.

  • Marcus Richard - President
  • Jean Francois-Kouame - VP of Administration
  • Braden Calvin - VP of Communications
  • Caleb Helsley - VP of Student Concerns
  • Drake Foster - VP of Student Organizations
  • Micaila Holland - VP of Finance
  • Brynn Hampton - VP of Activities

Class Presidents

A full-time undergraduate student with a cumulative GPA of at least 2.5 shall be eligible for the office of class president upon submission and certification of an official petition to the election committee that is signed by 25 different members of the represented class.

  • Eric Farbes - Sophomore
  • Haleigh Johnson - Junior

Student Life Residence Hall Staff 2020-2021

Promotes success in and out of the classroom and emphasizes community building, holistic learning, multicultural understanding, campus engagement, and leadership and works to provide an atmosphere that nourishes the learning, growth and personal development of each resident within a cooperative community.

  • Jacquelyn Bogner
  • Charon Cheatham
  • Hunter Clift
  • Jiovanni Duarte
  • Joshua Eibl
  • Kanami Ellis
  • Lauren Fleischer
  • Jesus Flores
  • Jasmin Hauska
  • Noah Murphy
  • Sheka Olenga
  • Alexa Powers
  • Marcus Richard
  • Frank Rivas
  • Gabriel Vannucchi
  • Daegiona Wilson

Some of the awards that we typically celebrate at Honors Convocation have not yet been announced. Please check back here for updates.

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