Fire Safety

In Case of Fire

  1. Pull the nearest fire alarm.
  2. Leave the building immediately in accordance with the fire drill instructions.
  3. Call the Winfield Fire Department: 9-911.
  4. Contact a housing staff person.
  5. Call security (620-229-0012) and plant operations (Ext. 6321)

Fire Drill Instructions

  1. The sound of the fire alarm is the signal for a fire evacuation—for practice or for an actual fire.
  2. At the sound of the alarm:

    a. Turn off lights.

    b. Close windows.

    c. Put on shoes, coat or robe.

    d. Go into hallway. Close door if you are sure everyone is out of room.

    e. Move out of building according to fire exit route, walking quietly and quickly.

    f. Stay with your housing group until all persons are accounted for.

    g. Return to room when an “All Clear” is given.

For more information on fire safety see a resident director, apartment manager, or security personnel.

Other fire safety policy information
  1. Misuse of fire alarms and fire extinguishers constitutes a violation of campus policy and federal regulations. Arson, fire alarm/smoke detector tampering and false reports are violations that may result in college disciplinary action as well as prosecution by law.
  2. No smoking is allowed in any building on campus. Discard cigarettes in outside ashtrays.
  3. All appliances should be in good condition with cords intact.
  4. Flammable liquids are prohibited.
  5. The burning of candles, as well as incense, is prohibited. Flammable liquid-filled devices are prohibited.
  6. Any violations of the above policies will result in college disciplinary action.
  7. Never risk your own personal safety.
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