Career Timeline

Four Year Timeline and Plan for Traditional Undergraduate Students

Freshman Year: The foundation for career planning

  • Visit the Student Success & Retention Center to become familiar with the many services Career Builders offers.
  • Create a basic resume in a format that you can add to throughout your college experience and beyond.
  • Learn more about your personality and strengths:take one or more of our online assessments!
  • Enroll in core classes with the help of your faculty advisor.
  • Explore and participate in campus activities and organizations, but limit yourself to only one or two at the most during your first year.

Sophomore Year: Build on your strengths

  • Determine if your major is one you truly want. If not, visit Student Success & Retention for information on other majors and change yours.
  • Create and understand your four-year plan and stick to it. Know exactly when you plan to graduate!
  • Use the campus as a lab for skill-building and enhance your leadership skills through campus and professional organizations.
  • Begin acquiring relevant volunteer and work experience, paid or unpaid.
  • Think about the feasibility of taking a semester abroad during your junior or senior year.
  • Continue to develop your strengths and document them on your resume.

Junior Year: Get Busy!

  • Ask your SC faculty members about relevant internship opportunities and make definite plans to complete one before your senior year.
  • Continue to enhance your leadership experience and skills by taking on higher-level roles in campus activities.
  • Continue documenting your skills and experiences on your resume!
  • Start networking.Create a LinkedIn page and join professional organizations.Many will give students a reduced membership rate.
  • Visit with your faculty advisor and conduct at least two informational interviews with persons employed in your profession of choice.

Senior Year: Making it all pay off

  • Continue enhancing and refining and your resume.
  • Continue your online networking strategies; your efforts could land you an interview before any advertisement on the net or in a newspaper.
  • Solidify three professional references you can use at any time.
  • Begin your full time job search.
  • Market yourself, your strengths and talents. Remember that you have been given talent, the opportunity for education, learned skills and gained experience. Make sure that you know how best to present that and we can help.
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Build a life

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