Internship Success Stories

Austin Sacket - 2012 Intern of the Semester

I have spent the last year and a half working at the Hot Rod Garage in Augusta, KS. My daily responsibilities there include diagnostic and mechanical repairs, rust and sheet metal restoration, various custom fabrication, and general body work as well. The opportunity to do my internship in this same environment opened up the other side of the spectrum for me. It allowed me to get a much better understanding of the business aspects that make a small company like this go around. The parts of the business my internship allowed me to explore included parts ordering and commercial accounts, estimates and the workings of insurance jobs, budgeting for long term projects and organizing appropriate payment strategies, general accounting and book keeping, etc.

Erin Morton - 2013 Graduate

This school year I took part in an on campus internship with Jason VenJohn, through the Mounbuilder Market. My duties included folding clothes, taking inventory, designing the webpage, and developing sales promotions. I found this internship through my advisor, along with talking to Jason. This internship benefited me by experiencing how to organize a small business. I also learned how to work with customers, how to understand the market, and how to make pricing decisions.

James Davis - 2011 Intern of the Semester

My internship was a great experience! I worked for Creekstone Farms Premium Beef in Arkansas City, Kansas. I learned many things about black angus beef through my work as part of the quality assurance team. My duties included updating specifications, coordinating pictures with lists, writing detailed reports, and recommending future opportunities for specifications.

Arden Moon - 2012 Graduate

As a student at Southwestern I have been an intern with Inno-Labs in Winfield, KS for two summers. Inno-Labs goal is bringing innovation to market. As a sales intern, I am in charge seeing that orders come in and go out of the office when and how they are supposed to. I love the hands on work I do in the office and in the warehouse. I not only get to work in sales, but also with marketing, research, vendors, accounting, inventory, filing, and may other areas. I know that my internship at Inno-Labs continues to challenge and strengthen my abilities in the business world, and that it will help me with any future business opportunity that may present itself.

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