2010 Field Trip - Google

Following our field trip in 2008, we visited another top IT company and this time it was Google!  During our fall break, we flew into the Silicon Valley area and visited Google's main campus in Mountain View, the Computer History Museum, Intel, and Stanford University. --> View photos


2008 Field Trip - Seattle

A group of our Computer Science and Digital Arts students visited Seattle, WA in late October 2008. We visited Microsoft, University of Washington, and Seattle downtown. --> View photos


2007 ACM Programming Contest

On Nov. 3, 2007, our SC Builders team contested in the North Central North America Regional (NCNA) of the ACM International Collegiate Programming Contest at Emporia State University.  Our team attacked five out of the total 9 problems, coded and submitted one solution, yet our solution failed on one of the judge’s testing cases thus didn’t pass.  Our final ranking in our region is 141, together with other 73 teams.  --> View photos.

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