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Educator Preparation Programs in Kansas require each student who wants to teach to pass two licensure exams. One of the exams determines the content knowledge of the applicant for licensure and the other determines what s/he knows about the principles for teaching and learning. With each licensure exam, there are subtests on different areas of the knowledge and skills needed to obtain a teaching licensure. These tests are completed typically at the end of the academic program and are in addition to the academic program completed by each student. See for information about the tests. In particular, please review Test at a Glance information for details about each exam offered by Educational Testing Services (ETS).

The relationship between the academic program completed and the licensure test reflects an alignment between what the faculty members teaching in the program and the licensure content identified by ETS consider to be important for a beginning teacher to know. In association with the tesing expectations, students in the program must pass the test with a particular minimum score or higher. The passing test score is a decision not made by the program. Rather, the score is recommended to the officials at the Kansas State Department of Education by ETS staff and then the final determination is made in consultation with the Kansas State Department of Education staff and the Kansas Board of Education members. Consequently, the pass rates are relative to scores determined by KSDE as passing.

Southwestern College does not require a student to pass either licensure exam as a condition of getting a Bachelor's or Master's degree. Some institutions do require an education student to pass the licensure exam to obtain a degree leading to a teaching position. Institutions with this requirement will always indicate a 100% pass rate for all exams. This data does not mean 100% of the students at that institution pass through the program and obtain a teaching license. Generally, one can conclude one or more students in those programs simply do not graduate with the degree they expected to obtain. In other words, if the student did not pass the test, s/he did not get an education degree.

Since Southwestern College does not require passing the test to obtain a Bachelor's degree or a Master's degree or a Doctoral degree, there will be some students who obtain the degree yet do not pass the test within the year they graduate. There are different reasons for this. Sometimes, the student does not take the test. Other times, the student does not get hired for a teaching position and postpones taking the test until s/he obtains a teaching position. Other times the student did not study enough or did not retain what was learned to pass the test.

The Educator Preparation Program faculty take their teaching and assessing responsibilities seriously and seek to help students be successful in both their classes and passing the Praxis exams. The program provides test preparation sessions that include how to prepare for the test, what to study, and how to be successful taking a test. In addition, ETS has test preparation materials, seminars, and books for additional preparations. The information below provides the area of licensure and the student pass rates in the various programs offered at the college. The information is listed by academic year.

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