Chinese Program

The Institute for Chinese Programs is organized to develop relationships between Southwestern College and academic and commercial institutions in China and south central Kansas.

The relationship between Huangshan University, Anhui Provices and SC are articulated below:

  • The two schools will establish long-term friendships and establish regular visitations between representatives of both schools to strengthen communication and mutual understanding. Southwestern College will establish the Institute for Chinese Programs to assure that all the terms of this and future agreements will be fulfilled.
  • The two schools agree to have close cooperation in faculty training, academic exchanges, and other areas. Starting in the fall 2008 semester, the schools will use similar methods to exchange faculty for training and cultural experiences.
  • Starting in the fall of 2008, the two schools will send the best students for three to six months of overseas learning experience. Academic credit earned during the overseas learning experience will be awarded by the host campus and be accepted by their sending campus.
  • Under certain circumstances, three-year program completers at Huangshan University can add one additional year of study at Southwestern College to obtain a bachelor’s degree in identified areas. In addition, students who graduate from Huangshan University with a bachelor’s degree can attend Southwestern for one additional year of study to obtain a graduate degree. Southwestern College will establish an admission process specifically beneficial for Huangshan graduates to gain entry into the United States for advanced studies. Huangshan University will provide required documents to ensure students from Southwestern College gain entry into China.

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