Graduation Rates

Initial Level License Graduation Rate (Undergraduate + MAT - Restricted Licensure Pathway) 

2016-2017: 70.8%

2017-2018: 64.3%

2018-2019: 63%

The initial level programs graduation rate includes all education majors graduating with a bachelors degree in early childhood, elementary, preK-12 physical education, preK-12 music, and secondary education (biology, chemistry, English, mid-level math, 6-12 math, social science, speech/theater), as well as students enrolled in the Masters of Teaching (MAT) who are working under a Kansas Department of Education restricted license. The graduation rate for undergraduate students is calculated from the time students are officially admitted into the Southwestern College Teacher Education program, which is generally at some point during a student's sophomore year of college. For those enrolled in the Masters of Teaching, Restricted License, the graduation rate is calculated from the time candidates are officially accepted into the MAT program and begin required coursework.



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