Teaching Effectiveness

1. Indicators of Teaching Effectiveness

The education division of Southwestern College administered an employer and completer satisfaction survey for first year teachers in the summer of 2020. Employers were asked to rate completers on a four- point scale: 1=unprepared to meet expectations; 4= highly prepared to meet expectations. Survey categories included: a. Classroom environment and management, b. instructional planning, design, and delivery, c. use of assessment to improve learning, d. meeting the needs of diverse populations, and e. using technology to meet the needs of all learners.

The mean composite employer score for completers was 2.93 out of 4.  The data indicate completers were especially prepared to create a positive learning environment and to use technology to meet the needs of diverse learners.  Overall, employers rated completers as approaching preparedness in the area of instructional design and delivery. 

Completers composite scores were slightly higher than their respective employers with a mean score of 3.26 or “prepared” for the five areas.

*Completer and Employer data is disaggregated in the chart below. The table below is based on survey data gathered from both employers and completers regarding the perceptions of first year teachers’ preparation.

How well prepared was the completer for the first year of teaching? Scale:1 (unprepared), 2 (Developing), 3 (Prepared), 4 (Highly Prepared)

N=7 Mean Score (Employer) Mean Score (Completer)
Overall classroom management and positive environment             3.3              3.5
Overall instructional planning, design, and delivery             2.75              3.3
Overall use of assessment to improve learner success             2.8              3.5
Overall meets needs of diverse learners             2.8              3.2
Overall use of technology to meet the needs of learners             3.0              2.8


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