Major Requirements

What Does it Take? 

The major in Philosophy and Religion provides students with preparation for graduate study, for professional study, or for a wide range of vocations. Students concerned with values and with seeking meanings and directions in life are welcome to consider courses in Philosophy and Religion as important electives or as an attractive second major. In addition to a 124 hour degree program that requires a selection of general education requirements, the Philosophy and Religion major requires the following:

B.A., Major in Philosophy and Religion—45 hours

In Philosophy—12 hours:
    101 Introduction to Philosophy
    221 History of Philosophy
    227 Logic
    320 Philosophy of Religion

In Religion—12 hours:
    130 Introduction to the Church
    201 Introduction to the Bible
    202 Introduction to Biblical Interpretation
    220 Introduction to Christian Theology 

Philosophy and Religion Electives—15 hours

Samples of courses have included or may include: Political Philosophy, Professional and Business Ethics, Contemporary Moral issues, Philosophy and Film, Sports Ethics, Alternative Voices in Theology, Comparative Religions, History of American Christianity, etc.

Cognate requirements: Foreign language studies—6 hours. We offer courses in Greek and Hebrew, both of which are essential to proper academic study of the Bible. Additionally, we periodically offer courses in Latin.

For Course Descriptions, please visit the Course Catalog.

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