Physical Performance & Sports Studies

B.S., Major in Physical Performance and Sports Studies

Important note: This major addresses physical performance and sport studies; it does not lead to any Kansas secondary teacher licensure.

Major requirements:

Swimming proficiency

In Physical Education and Sports Studies:

Complete any six of the following:

PESS103 Fundamentals of Weightlifting
PESS105 Fundamentals of Golf
PESS106 Fundamentals of Archery 
PESS107 Fundamentals of Badminton
PESS108 Fundamentals of Tennis 
PESS109 Fundamentals of Volleyball
PESS110 Fundamentals of Soccer 
PESS111 Fundamentals of Basketball
PESS112 Fundamentals of Softball

Complete the following courses:

PESS126 First Aid and Safety 
PESS213 Principles of Physical Education 
PESS215 Applied Motor Learning 
PESS225 Fitness Assessment
PESS314 Measurement and Evaluation in Physical Education 
PESS323 Exercise Physiology 
PESS326 Adapted Physical Education
PESS332 Kinesiology
PESS335 Psychology of Sport
PESS414 Exercise Prescription
PESS435 Organization and Administration of Physical Education

Complete six hours from the following:

PESS202 Lifesaving
PESS203 Advanced Strength Training 
PESS212 Swimming 
PESS220 Introduction to Sport Management 
PESS302 Water Safety Instruction 
PESS415-419 Theory of Coaching (Sport)
PESS420 Theory of Coaching 
DANC130 Jazz 1
DANC131 Tap 1
DANC132 Musical Theatre
DANC133 Ballet 1 

Cognate requirements:

ATEP230 Introduction to Athletic Training 
BIOL101 Essentials of Biology 

Suggested Cognate:

NSCI230 Drugs: Research and Reward

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