The Plott Project in the Global History of Philosophy

Wallace Gray, Coordinator
Kirk Professor of Philosophy
Southwestern College
Winfield, KS 67156



The Central Project

  1. What interest or excitment attends the Plott Project?
  2. Who is John C. Plott?
  3. What is the orientation of the printed Project? What is distinctive about the individual volumes of Global History of Philosophy?
  4. Volume I
  5. Volume II: main body of the text
  6. Volume II: appendix on periodization
  7. Volume III
  8. Transition in authorship; Gray's shift ("he" to "I")
  9. Coordinator Gray's insider's view of the Plott Project
  10. The evolving plan for the Project after Volume III
  11. Volume IV
  12. Volume V
  13. An interview with Plott on cyclical reform: commoners, snobs, and gurus
  14. How may we assess the Project?
  15. Unfinished business or unfinished symphony? (or, What next for the Project?)
  16. More on Plott the man
  17. A Student's Reflections on Professor Plott
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Diffusionism as an Aspect of the Plott Project

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