Morse Code and Phonetic Alphabet Page

Below are listed Morse Code plus a few phonetic alphabets. The NATO Phonetic Alphabet is the most common, but the others are used in other areas.

Letter Morse NATO English American Italian German International
A *- Alfa Andrew Able Ancona Anton Amsterdam
B -*** Bravo Benjamin Baker Bologna Berta Baltimore
C -*-* Charlie Charlie Charlie Como Casar Casablanca
D -** Delta David Dog Domodossola Dora Denmark
E * Echo Edward Easy Empoli Emil Edision
F **-* Foxtrot Fredrick Fox Firenze Friedrich Florida
G --* Golf George George Genova Gustav Gallipoli
H **** Hotel Harry How Hotel Heinrich Havana
I ** India Isaac Item Imola Ida Italy
J *--- Juliett Jack Jig I lunga Julius Jerusalem
K -*- Kilo King King Kursaal Kaufmann Kilogram
L *-** Lima Lucy Love Livorno Ludwig Liverpool
M -- Mike Mary Mike Milano Martha Madagascar
N -* November Nelli Nan Napoli Nordpol New York
O --- Oscar Oliver Oboe Otranto Otto Oslo
P *--* Papa Peter Peter Padova Paula Paris
Q --*- Quebec Queenie Queen Quarto Quelle Quebec
R *-* Romeo Robert Roger Roma Richard Roma
S *** Sierra Sugar Sugar Savona Samuel Santiago
T - Tango Tommy Tare Torino Theodor Tripoli
U **- Uniform Uncle Uncle Udine Ulrich Uppsala
V ***- Victor Victor Victor Venezia Viktor Valencia
W *-- Whiskey William William Washington Wilhelm Washington
X -**- X-ray Xmas X-ray Ics Xanthippe Xanthippe
Y -*-- Yankee Yellow Yoke York Ypsilon Yokohama
Z --** Zulu Zebra Zebra Zara Zeppelin Zurich

In Morse Code there also exist codes for numbers and punctuation:

Number Code Punctuation Code
1 *---- Period *-*-*-
2 **--- Comma --**--
3 ***-- Colon ---***
4 ****- Question Mark **--**
5 ***** Apostrophe *----*
6 -**** Hyphen -****-
7 --*** Fraction Bar -**-*
8 ---** Parentheses -*--*-
9 ----* Quotation Marks *-**-*
0 -----

If the duration of a * (dot) is one unit then that of a - (dash) is three units. The space between the components of one character is one unit, between characters is three units and between words seven units. To indicate that a mistake has been made and for the receiver to delete the last word send: ******** (eight dots).

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