Stadium FAQ

Q. How did this project come about?

A. The leaders of Southwestern College and the Winfield Public Schools have been talking for several years about the need to significantly upgrade the stadium facility. Most of the college’s opponents are playing in, or planning for, new or upgraded stadium facilities. The same is true for the stadiums of the schools Winfield High School competes against in the Ark Valley-Chisholm Trail League. The college and the school district agree it is time to “step up” with our stadium.

Q. Was renovation, rather than a new stadium, considered?

A. A committee of representatives from the college and the schools looked at ideas submitted by a number of architects who submitted design proposals. Review of those proposals made it clear that a new stadium would provide more value and more “bang for the buck.”

Q. Where do things stand with the design of the project?

A. Southwestern has contracted with the Wichita architecture firm of Schaefer Johnson Cox Frey. The firm met with school and college leaders to understand everyone’s requirements and then developed renderings of the project.

Q. What is the stadium going to cost?

A. The estimate is $4 million. That would include the following features: synthetic turf field, sized for football and soccer; eight-lane polyurethane running track; runways and approaches for jumping and vaulting events; home seating for 3,000 in a two-tiered concrete stadium that is ADA compliant; ADA compliant visitor seating for 600; large press box with coaching and media suites; concession stand and restrooms; west plaza and large south plaza for tailgating, booster club cookouts, and vendors.

Q. How will the stadium be funded?

A. The stadium will be funded in two main ways: through gifts from individuals and businesses, and through payments by the Winfield Public Schools. The Winfield Public Schools will pay $1 million, over ten years, to help fund the project. The remainder of needed funding will be obtained through donations. Key groups of donors include Southwestern College football and track alumni, parents, and Builder sports boosters; Winfield High School football and track alumni, parents, and Viking sports boosters; and individuals and businesses in the Winfield community.

Q. Who will get to use the field and who will manage the priorities for its use?

A. The college, the school district, and the community will have representatives on a committee that will act as the “traffic cop” for use of the stadium. It’s important to know that the public schools and the college are successfully partnering, already, in the use of Sonner Stadium, the soccer field on the college’s campus, the swimming pool at the college, and the public schools’ gyms.

Q. Can a donation be spread out over multiple years?

A. Yes, 3-to-5 year pledges are being sought.

Q. Would my gift be tax deductible?

A. Yes.

Q. Can I make a donation through my will or as part of a deferred gift?

A. For this specific project, the money is needed now, so an estate or deferred gift is not applicable.

Q. Can I make a donation to have a part of the stadium named after me or for someone whom I wish to honor?

A. Yes, there are a number of naming gift opportunities for the project. Go to “Donate” to learn more.

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