• Q. How did this project come about?
    A. The college’s administration, faculty, students, alumni, and members of the Winfield community have recognized for years the need to achieve a significant upgrade in the college’s and the community’s main performance space for the arts. All agree that the time for change is now.

  • Q. Where do things stand with planning for the project?
    A. Southwestern has contracted with the Wichita architecture firm of WDM Architects. The firm met with college administrators and performing arts faculty to understand everyone’s requirements and then developed renderings of the project.

  • Q. What is the renovation project going to cost?
    A. The estimate is $2 million and the project will begin when that amount has been firmly committed by donors.

  • Q. How will the project be funded?
    A. The project will be funded through gifts from individuals, foundations, and businesses. Key groups of donors include Southwestern College alumni, parents, and individuals and businesses in the community that support the performing arts.

  • Q. What happens if less money is raised?
    A. There is no practical way to phase the auditorium projects. The organ refurbishment needs to be completed while the auditorium is being renovated. The theater technical center is a critical need for the theater program. We need to move these projects ahead all at once.

  • Q. Who will use the auditorium?
    A. The auditorium will be used by college and community music ensembles – including the A Cappella Choir, SC Singers, Southwestern College Concert Band, Southwestern College Jazz Band, South Kansas Symphony, Southwestern College Youth Symphony, and other small ensembles – by the college theater program, and by touring artists and productions.

  • Q. When will the auditorium project begin?
    A. The project will begin as soon as sufficient funds have been firmly pledged. It seems likely that the earliest the project could begin would be in the spring of 2010 with the new auditorium ready and waiting for the new school year (and the college’s celebration of our 125th birthday) in the fall of 2010. Of course, that depends upon enough donors stepping forward to provide financial support.

  • Q. Can a donation be spread out over multiple years?
    A. Yes, 3-to-5 year pledges are being sought.

  • Q. Would my gift be tax deductible?
    A. Yes.

  • Q. Can I make a donation through my will or as part of a deferred gift?
    A. For this specific project, the money is needed now, so an estate or deferred gift is not applicable. However, the college welcomes deferred gifts to create endowed scholarships or endowed program support funds.

  • Q. Can I make a donation to have a part of the auditorium project named after me or for someone whom I wish to honor?
    A. Yes, there are a number of naming and memorial gift opportunities for this project. Go to “Donate” to learn more.