Auditorium Project in Brief

  • Ticket booth opens into lobby

  • Vestibule entrances in the rear of the auditorium will eliminate "bleed" of light and sound into the hall

  • Reconfigured for continental seating, capable of seating 475 - 490 patrons, depending upon configuration of the stage

  • ADA compliant seating in the rear of the hall

  • Control booth for lights, cameras, effects in the second floor rear of the hall

  • Extant plaster and lath ceiling will be removed and replaced with sound reflective ceiling panels to improve acoustics of the hall

  • Catwalks suspended above the ceiling panels allow safe access to lights

  • Renovated green room

  • ADA lift to stage

Technical Theater Center in Brief

  • Set storage area

  • Set shop

  • Costume storage

  • Costume shop

  • Prop storage

  • Classroom

  • Paint area

  • Laundry area

  • Offices


  • The college‚Äôs Reuter organ will be returned to the Reuter facility in Lawrence, Kansas for cleaning, releathering, and tuning

  • A new console, which can be placed in several locations in the auditorium, will be built

  • Improved climate control in the two organ chambers will enhance tuning and sound quality