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From the President
Dear friends,

The college’s Builders of Excellence Campaign began on July 1, 2001. With high hopes we launched the campaign right into what is now being called the worst environment for fund-raising in recent history. In spite of all that the Builders of Excellence Campaign recently passed the (drum roll, please) $17 million mark on the way to our goal of $24 million!

Southwestern wouldn’t be celebrating such a remarkable achievement without the help of supporters who are hard core. Ward Cole is hard core; serious, old school, hard core. Ward is a member of the Southwestern College Class of 1930. He served the college across four decades (!) as a member of our Board of Trustees and has been involved in every big undertaking at Southwestern since the 1950s. Ward recently pledged a gift of $1 million to the Builders of Excellence Campaign (see Cole Hall Special for details).

Ward won’t offer a complicated explanation for his gift. He just says he owes the college a lot. To work for a college that inspires that sort of loyalty is humbling, and energizing. With Ward’s help, and yours, our campaign will succeed.

Best regards,

Dick Merriman

Administration Viewpoint

Greetings from Southwestern,

Once in a while someone looks at my title and makes an assumption about what I do at Southwestern College.

“Vice president for institutional advancement? Oh, that means you’re a fundraiser.”

If I’m short of time, I smile and nod. But if I have a moment or two, I clarify what I really do.

My job is to connect with alumni and friends of the college who believe in its vision and mission, and want to help that vision become reality. Then I try to find ways they can do just that.

Sometimes (okay, much of the time) that means I’m a fundraiser. I believe in the Builders of Excellence capital campaign, and so do all of you who have helped us reach $17 million toward its goal. So I help you make your gifts in the way that will satisfy both you and the college.

Sometimes, it means I’m working with our alumni program personnel as we look for the best ways to serve our two constituencies—our current alumni, and our future alumni (current and prospective students). That might mean helping develop programs that pair current students with alumni mentors, or making sure our alumni have ways to refer prospective students to the college, or promoting programs that provide congenial traveling groups. (SC’s New Year’s trip to Hawaii was so congenial, in fact, that two of us couples were honeymooning.)

Beginning this summer institutional advancement will mean helping promote the new alumni directory project to give our constituents a way to get in touch with others who share an affinity for Southwestern College.

Fundraising? That’s an important part of it. But advancing Southwestern College—that’s what I really do.

Paul Bean
Vice President for Institutional Advancement