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July 11-16

Cost:  $250

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What does being green really mean? At Southwestern College, green is a new way of thinking. A new way of living that is healthier for our planet, the environment and all of us too. For the past century, the way humans have been living has taken a toll on the planet Earth. Now, we must make changes and live differently.

At the Southwestern College Green Team Camp, we will learn how to live in a way that is not harmful to our planet. We will discover the fascinating new energy technologies that will power our lives in the future and learn about the small changes that we can all make in our lifestyles that will be favorable to the environment.

We all live together on this Earth, and we must work together as a team to help our planet become healthy again. If you will be graduating in 2011, 2012, 2013 or 2014, become a part of our team at the Green Team Camp, July 13-19, 2010 on the Southwestern College campus in Winfield, KS!

Think…Live…Be GREEN!

What will we do?
The week will be filled with both physical and mental green educational experiences as well as leadership-building team activities.

You will:

  • You’ll build a solar car
  • Play a planet-saving simulation activity
  • Set goals to help make a difference in your school, community & home

We'll head to several locations to experience green living first-hand:

  • Greensburg, KS
  • The Flat Ridge Wind Farm
  • The Winfield Recycling Center
  • The Southwestern College Biology Field Station

 And we’ll make sure you have plenty of fun!

  • Cookout
  • Mini-Olympics
  • Movie Night
  • Rock Painting for Moundbuilding Ceremony
  • Ice Cream Night
  • End of Camp Blowout!! 

The week at a glance

Sunday, July 11

  • Check In/Campus Tours from 4-6 pm
  • Team Time
  • Mini-Olympics
  • Sundee Night

Monday, July 12

  • Travel to SC Field Station
  • Plan it Green Game
  • Start on solar powered car
  • Cookout & watermelon feed

Tuesday, July 13

  • Plan it Green Game
  • Movie Night

Wednesday, July 14

  • Spend the day touring the Flat Ridge Wind Farm and Greensburg

 Thursday, July 15

  • Think . . . Live . . . Be GREEN! Competition
  • Tour the Winfield Recycling Center
  • Moundbuilding Ceremony 

Friday, July 16


  • Travel to SC Field Station
  • Solar Car Races
  • End of Camp Blowout
  • Head Home at 8 pm 

  Meet Camp Director Jason Speegle!

Jason is Southwestern College’s Green Team Director. The Green Team is a service-learning program dedicated to the environment at Southwestern College. Through a series of projects and classes devoted to conserving the Earth’s natural resources and lessening the impacts of climate change, members of the Green Team learn valuable leadership skills and gain experience working with new environmentally friendly technologies.

Green Team Vision:

Click here to listen as Jason Speegle Discusses Green Team.

The Southwestern College Green Team is a service-learning program dedicated to changing the overall culture of Southwestern College toward one of responsible citizenship in the area of environmental sustainability. We will accomplish this shift in culture by:

  • Creating a living laboratory of sustainable learning in which faculty, staff and students are educated both inside and beyond the classroom in the principles of environmental stewardship of which all constituents of the university will be expected to implement practically in their own actions and behaviors.
  • Implementing organizational changes that move the institution toward a more environmentally sustainable future, eventually achieving carbon neutrality on our campus and beyond.
  • Reaching out to influence the communities of Winfield, Cowley County and beyond with the principles and practical applications of environmental sustainability.

Jason graduated from Southwestern College with a degree in Physics in 1999 and finished his Master’s Degree in Leadership in December 2008.


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