Students with MicroscopesBiology investigates life processes at the molecular, cellular, organismal, population, and ecosystem levels. Biology is a science that demands a knowledge and application of chemical, physical, and mathematical principles. The study of biology helps all students to understand the nature of science and the process of scientific inquiry.

Southwestern College's biology department offers a balanced program in field and laboratory science. Students have the opportunity to develop close working relationships with biology professors in the classroom, laboratory, and in the field.

Students in LabThe curriculum is inclusive of a wide range of sub-disciplines that challenges students and empowers them to acquire the concepts and scientific problem-solving skills necessary to pursue careers in research, the health professions, education, environmental science, conservation, and other related fields. It provides students with a solid foundation of biological principles and at the same time offers students of varied backgrounds the opportunity to explore specialized topics that meet their needs and interests. The biology curriculum at Southwestern College also assists in meeting specific needs of other disciplines and serves preparatory programs in secondary teaching, nursing, and social work.

Rick with Students in StreamA number of the courses in the curriculum focus upon the investigative nature of biology. Lectures and discussions examine the interpretation of data, experimental design, and specific readings from the scientific literature. Laboratory and field work emphasize experimentation, student designed research projects, and class projects.


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Build an education.

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