Digital Arts

Digital arts offers many different pathways for students to take:

  • Animation - 2D and 3D animation
  • Screen and time-based media - videography, photography
  • Game Development - 3D modeling, designing and creating video games, sound

What is Digital Arts?

The major in Digital Arts is an educational journey shaping students for careers across diverse artistic realms and industries. Those earning a BSc in Creative Technologies embark on careers spanning gaming, film, animation, motion graphics, video production, and fine arts. Some may even delve into advanced studies through graduate programs.

Within digital arts, students engage in multidisciplinary learning, honing skills that empower them to navigate the dynamic crossroads of technology, media, art, and innovation. Our approach is dualistic, fostering critical thinking and conceptual development alongside essential technical expertise. Students are encouraged to investigate aesthetic and perceptual possibilities as they engage in alternative art discourses. Digital Arts courses investigate theoretical, aesthetic, and technical information while providing hands-on experience with state-of-the-art equipment. The courses merge the technical and aesthetic aspects of Digital Arts.

Our courses provide students with dedicated mentorship and guidance to cultivate their ideas. The program also has been a catalyst for collaborations between students and Southwestern College faculty and the surrounding community, often resulting in paid opportunities to contribute to funded research projects. Both of these are advantages that come with smaller class sizes and a tight-knit community, such as the one that Winfield provides.


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Build an education.

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