SGA LOGO"...SGA is the voice of the students.  We are moving things forward..."

The Student Government Association (SGA) at Southwestern College (SC) aims to maintain open communication between the students, faculty, staff, and administration.  SGA is the governing student body at SC.  SGA voices student concerns, houses all of the student organizations, facilitates improvements that could be made to the college, and much more!

2021-2022 SGA Executives2021-2022 SGA Executives

President: Chloe Manly
Vice President: Daegiona Wilson
Vice President of Organizations: Eric Farbes
Vice President Communications: Brandon Murphy-Ward
Vice President of Finance: Micaila Holland
Vice President of Student Concerns: Jasmin Hauska


Having a stronger voice on campus​

  • Stronger social presence
  • Improving our image
  • Bridging the gap between Students and Administration​

Increasing Organizations Development​

  • Fast and Painless Communication
  • Improving Campus involvement in events
  • More formal meetings​


Bi-weekly on Sundays at 7:30 in Beech 104. Senate meetings are open and students are encouraged to attend. 

Strategic Plan Draft

Strategic Plan - Draft 03-28-2017 (PDF)


Build a life

Build a life

Students are what make Student Life happen!

From carnivals to concerts, from Sutton Center to Campus Life, the Office of Student Affairs is available for you, the student.

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