Moundbuilder Spirit Scholarship

The Moundbuilder Spirit Scholarship is awarded annually to two student leaders who are well-rounded, considerate, hardworking, and community-minded. This scholarship is awarded to extraordinary people who exhibit great potential.

To tell a member of the Southwestern College community that they exhibit the "Builder Spirit" is a meaningful compliment. It is a point of pride to uphold and live out the tenets that are valued by our campus community.

It is recommended that students who make application for this award exhibit a clear dedication to community and a relentless work ethic.

Southwestern College is proud to honor students who do the right thing, who are kind, who are resourceful and eager, and who will exemplify the values of Southwestern College by awarding them full undergraduate tuition, renewable for four years if certain criteria are met.

The competition requires that qualified students complete an application, essay, and faculty/staff interview on campus.


ARE YOU: Active in your community? Dedicated and driven?

DO YOU: Help and encourage others? Go above and beyond?

HAVE YOU: Been on student council? Held a job? Volunteered? Been dedicated to an extra-curricular activity such as band, theater, yearbook, or baseball?

Moundbuilder Spirit Requirements

  • Please complete the Moundbuilder Spirit Scholarship Application.
  • To be considered you must also submit your application for admission and supporting materials to SC by Tuesday, January 14, 2020.

2020 Application

The 2020 Competitive Scholarship applications are now closed. If you wish to be contacted when the 2021 application becomes available, please sign up below:

Contact me for the 2021 Competitive Scholarships

Miss your window?  Don't worry!

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Personal Education
It’s impossible to get lost at Southwestern, either in or out of the classroom. We are committed to helping you explore and discern your purpose.

Academic Excellence
From introductory courses to advanced seminars, classes at Southwestern are taught by professors with extensive experience in their respective fields. SC faculty combine a love of scholarship with a love for teaching – you will have access to these supportive mentors from your first day on campus.

Engagement in the World
How will you engage with the world from a campus situated in a small Kansas community? Through service learning, internships, academic travel, and an intentional focus on building global perspective.

More Than a Major
Being a Moundbuilder means academic strength, but it’s also about leadership development. You will grow through your involvement – whether it be in athletics, music, a nationally recognized service learning program, or academic club – truly, countless opportunities exist across campus.

Holistic Experience
In your life you will have a successful career but you will also be part of a family, a community, a church, volunteer experiences, and countless other important facets of life. At SC student learning and growth focuses on all elements of a meaningful life.

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Build a life

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