SC eSports LogoeSports at Southwestern provides an arena in which students can enjoy playing video games in competition with each other, and with students from other colleges. The sport has grown rapidly in the past few years to include teams from schools and colleges in the USA and from around the world.

Southwestern offers two paths to playing eSports for the college:

Both mental and physical agility are critical to competing well, and, as with other sports, there are required amounts of practice and minimum standards for top-level competition. As with any athletic team, there are first-string players and those who hope to someday be first string.

The eSports activity grant is housed in the Divison of Communication, Computer Science, and English. This division offers an academic major in video games, but the grant is not limited to students in that major, or that division. Any student in any major can receive a grant or join as a general participant.

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