Welcome to Southwestern College!

For nearly 140 years,  Southwestern College has stood tall on this hill, a beacon of learning, offering students from near and far a protected space for transformational discovery and growth. 

As president, alongside an incredible faculty and staff, I am privileged to serve the students, alumni, and community of Southwestern College – affectionately known as the 'Builder Family'.  As a family, we share admittedly strange and special traditions, such as the Jinx and our annual Moundbuilding Ceremony, and we care deeply for one another.

Elizabeth FrombgenBuilders are uniquely dedicated to strengthening community. Our students and graduates demonstrate a commitment to connection and kindness – to hard work and accomplishment. As learners in the world, Moundbuilders are ever curious and are open to ideas and discourse. Indeed, we are immensely proud that our graduates are good friends and neighbors – excellent employees and community servants. Through their accomplishments and contributions to the world, our graduates represent the proudest tradition of Southwestern College. 

After selecting this site, then an open prairie situated above the picturesque Walnut Valley, the founders of Southwestern College and early community members sacrificed and invested to build this college one stone at a time. Through the decades it has been the work and privilege of all of us, faculty, staff, students, trustees, alumni, and community members to shepherd Southwestern College boldly forward. We collectively offer our care and dedication to every person who comes to this college seeking greater possibilities for themselves and those around them.

With great pride and gratitude – 
Go Builders!

Dr. Elizabeth Frombgen 

President Elizabeth Frombgen's Bio

Dr. Elizabeth Frombgen (or as she has become known here, ‘President Liz’) is a political scientist, professor, and administrator with more than 20 years of experience in higher education.

Formerly she served as the Vice President for Academic Affairs and Dean of the College at Thiel College in Pennsylvania, and as Associate Vice President for Academic Affairs, Professor, and Department Chair at Hastings College in Nebraska. As a professor, she taught a wide range of courses in Comparative Politics and International Relations, with special attention to understanding how societies create communities and govern themselves as expressions of their value.

Elizabeth & Doug FrombgenPresident Liz earned her Ph.D. and Master of Arts degree in Political Science from Purdue University and her Bachelor of Arts degree from Western Washington University.

She has and continues to grow a deep love for the unique spirit and potential exhibited by smaller liberal arts colleges like Southwestern.

President Liz is known for her highly collaborative and caring spirit. She partners closely with faculty and staff on strategic planning, curriculum revision, and program development. She is focused on building robust cooperative relationships with alumni and communities that strengthen the student experience. 

President Liz and her husband, Doug Kinnear ("The First Dude"), moved to Winfield with their two Jack Russell Terriers– Diamond and Suzy. They have an adult daughter, Lana, who is pursuing a PhD at Colorado State University.

President Liz most enjoys supporting students in all ways – whether that be teaching a course on global studies or attending all of the performances and sporting competitions she's able – in her free time she enjoys making all varieties of artisanal cheese, traveling to visit family, and, of course, playing with her dogs.

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