Physical Education

Excellent Education Department
If a student chooses to get a certification in education for physical education, they will benefit from one of the best education departments in the state.

Employment Outlook for Teaching Is Good
Currently, there is a shortage of teachers. Like every other area, physical education teachers are retiring, leaving opportunities to fill in school districts across the nation. Faculty do encourage students to combine their PE certificate with a certification in another subject area as well. This action will make the student employable in all sizes of school districts.

Opportunities to Coach
Students interested in coaching are sometimes hired as senior coaching assistants at Southwestern College. They are able to fully participate in the workings of a successful, intercollegiate athletic program. This experience is invaluable training and preparation for a coaching career.


Lisa Braun, M.Ed., LAT, ATC
Director of Physical Performance and Sports Studies; Associate Professor of Athletic Training
Phone: (620) 229-6226

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