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A Letter From Alumni Secretary

History is what has brought us to where we are today.  Phi Delta Theta Kansas Zeta is thankful for the history that it has had and for all of those that have created our history.  Those that have helped us are our alumni; if it were not for them creating our chapter in 1995 and sustaining such a high bar of excellence for Moral Rectitude, Sound Learning, and Friendship we would not be on campus.  We love including our alumni as much as possible in our events as well as keeping them updated on what is going on in the chapter and on campus.  We keep in touch with our alumni by Facebook and sending out a newsletter consisting of our most recent social activities, community service projects, and fundraiser projects.  The newsletter includes the birthdays of our current members as well as alumni, and on occasion articles on a chosen active or alumnus.  Every year we host a Founders Day event where we get as many of our alumni together as we can to meet all of the active members of the fraternity, remind each of us of our founding fathers and why we’re here together, as well as enjoy a nice dinner as a family.

If you have not been recieving the newsletter and would like to, please contact me with your address. If you would like to submit an article or like to have us include something in the newsletter, revisit the chapter, or even have a night out with us you can call, email, or set up a date to meet up with me.

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Build an education.

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