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Phi Delta Theta now has nearly 180 active chapters and colonies in 42 states and five Canadian provinces. The Fraternity has initiated more than 245,000 men and currently has more than 160,000 living alumni. There are over 100 recognized alumni clubs across the U.S. and Canada. The Fraternity operates from the General Headquarters building on South Campus Avenue, across from Miami University in Oxford, Ohio.

244,915 Phis have been initiated since 1848

1,100+ Phis have lost their lives in defense of their country *

400+ Phis have played Professional Football (200+ in the NFL)

111 Phis have been U.S. Congressmen *

34 Phis have been Governors (31 State and 3 Territory) * 1

31 Phis have combined to win 53 Olympic Medals (26 Gold, 14 Silver, 13 Bronze)

31 Phis have been United States Senators 2

16 Phis have Stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame *

11 Phis have combined to win the Emmy Award (Entertainment) 25 Times 3

9 Phis have won the Pulitzer Prize *

8 Phis have been awarded the Congressional Medal of Honor 4

6 Phis are in the Baseball Hall of Fame * 5

6 Phis are enshrined in the National Football Hall of Fame

6 Phis have won a combined 11 Academy Awards

5 Phis have won the Golden Globe

5 Phis have been honored with United States Postage Stamps

5 Phis have been awarded the Presidential Medal of Freedom

4 Phis have won the George Foster Peabody Award

3 Phis have served on the US Supreme Court

3 Phis have been NASA astronauts

3 Phis have been enshrined in the Basketball Hall of Fame

3 Phis have won the Heisman Trophy

3 Phis have won the Tony Award

2 Phis have won the Grammy Award

2 Phis have been Canadian Premiers (equivalent of a US State Governor)

2 Phis been recognized with imprints at Grauman's Chinese Theatre in Hollywood *

1 Phi has been a United States President

1 Phi has been awarded the Nobel Prize

1 Phi has been awarded the Victoria Cross*Indicates most of any fraternity

1. One Phi, William J. Coyle, who served as a Lt. Governor was also the acting Governor for a period of six weeks in the State of Washington. He was never considered a Governor by the State of Washingon and he is not counted in this statistic. Another Phi, Frederick Funston served as the military governor for the Dept. of Luzon in the Philippines. He is also not counted in this statistic.

2. One Phi, Edwin K. Thomson was elected as a Senator for the State of Wyoming but died suddenly of a heart attack before assuming office. He is not counted in this statistic.

3. Only Emmy Awards that have been won in the field of Entertainment are counted. Local Emmy Awards and those won by Phis in the Media field are indetermined and not counted.

4. Earlier accounts give the number of Phi Medal of Honor Recipients at 19. However, military with Phi Delt records indicate that only 8 have been awarded the Medal. 8 is the official number.

5. 2 Phis are enshrined in the Baseball of Fame as players. 2 are in the Writers Wing of the Hall of Fame and 2 are in the Broadcasters Wing of the Hall of Fame

Famous Firsts 

  • First fraternity to adopt a pledge pin (1894)
  • First fraternity to adopt an alumnus pin (1894)
  • First fraternity to adopt a pledge manual (1886)
  • First fraternity to adopt a National Day of Celebration (1889)
  • First fraternity to adopt life subscriptions to the fraternity magazine (1875)
  • First fraternity to expand west of the Mississippi (Austin College 1853)

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