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A Letter From Alumni Chandler Kirkhart, a former Recruitment Chairmen of Phi Delta Theta at Southwestern

Let’s cut to the chase: Take a moment and ask yourself what is holding you back from joining Phi Delta Theta? Ok. Keep that in mind. (You’ll need it here in a second.)

Don’t worry, we understand your uncertainty. My Fraternity Brothers and I also had “that one reason” of hesitation, but through our process, we found the answers to the questions you have. Ok. Now what is your “one reason” for hesitation? More than likely, it is one of the following:

1. “I Don’t Have Time”
This response is one that I understand better than any other. I can honestly say that I am involved in 4 activities, Track and Field, enrolled in 20 credit hours, and still manage a healthy social life. Southwestern College is known for its over-committed, passionate students. The average SC student is involved in (at least) 2 activities on campus. In fact, one of our requirements to join Phi Delta Theta is that you MUST be in at least one other organization. We have a weekly meeting that only takes an hour and a half at a time that works with everyone’s schedule. Phi Delta Theta members know that time is precious because we are some of the most involved members on campus.

2. “I Can’t Afford It”
This is the most common response we get. 2/3rds of our current members responded this way when they were asked to join. This is the easiest one to overcome. We all manage to pay each year with the help of fundraisers as well as having a customized payment plan. Our Treasurer, Charles Turner, is always helpful by talking with each of us and gaining an understanding of what payment plan best suits you. We have had many members that have managed to pay as little as 20 bucks a month thanks to participating in our fundraisers, which are always a great time. (My first semester, I raised enough money to pay my entire amount by working a concession stand at our annual “Cards for the Cure” poker Tournament. I can honestly say it was a blast.) In a nut-shell: “The more you put into us, the more you get out of us.”

3. “My Mom/Dad/Girlfriend Doesn’t Want Me To Join”
A brother has written a GREAT response to this issue which can be found here.

4. “I Need To Focus On My Grades”
Out of all the organizations on campus last year, Phi Delta Theta had the highest male G.P.A on campus at Southwestern College. How did we do that? Well, One of Phi Delta Theta’s Three Cardinal Principles happen to be Sound Learning. We have bright and gifted students from every corner of the college’s academic focus making it easy to find tutors and study partners within the fraternity. We hold a minimum G.P.A. requirement of 2.8 as of now and plan to raise the bar within the next year. How do we make sure members reach these expectations? Based off of your G.P.A, you are designated a certain number of Study Hall hours each week in the Library Conference rooms, where you can find tutoring as well as a quiet environment to get work finished. We also reward members who show outstanding scholastics and scholastic improvement by offering cash prizes and other positive incentives.

5. “Upperclassmen Don’t Join Fraternities”
You might say, “I need to start planning for after I graduate. I mean, I really need to find a job right out of college, man….” That’s where we come in.

If you didn’t already know, 2/3rds of all people in the U.S earned their current career with the help of Networking, which proves the age-old phrase “It’s not what you know, it’s who you know” to be true. On that note, did you know that as of last year, Phi Delta Theta Alumni controlled 23% of the economy of Wichita, KS?

Well, now you know.

If that doesn’t grasp your attention, this next bit of info is bound to. As an International Member of Phi Delta Theta, once graduation approaches; you can call up General Head Quarters in Oxford, OH and tell them the following:
“Hello, I’m [Insert Name] from Southwestern College and I’m looking for a career in [Insert Career Choice] in [Insert Location you wish to live] and I would like a list of Alumni that share this career choice within that area.”

They will give you a list of 100 Phi Delts within a 50 mile radius. Now, that’s “networking.”

6. “I’d Just Like To Wait A Semester or Two”
What is it that is holding you back from joining this semester? Is there something that you believe will change from this semester in comparison to next semester? Chances are that reason is one of the other 9 reasons listed above. If not, talk to us and we will listen. We love feedback from you. You will more than likely see more than one of us running around campus daily so just stop one of us and tell us what’s up. You can find a complete list of our members here.

7. “I’m Not The Fraternity Type”
Looking through our Members Directory, you will soon see that we are a group of extremely diverse members from every corner of the college. We all have different lifestyles, hobbies, talents, and passions that other members do not, which means that when I have a problem, there is a great chance that I have a Brother that knows the answer to that problem.

However, there are Three Cardinal Principles that we share: Friendship, Sound Learning, and Moral Rectitude. Now, if you aren’t the type to care about creating life-lasting friendships, reaching your academic potential, and doing what is right (even when no one is watching) then, I would agree that you are not the “fraternity type” at all.

8. “I Don’t Want To Get Hazed”
There is ABSOLUTELY no hazing here at Southwestern College. There is no need for it. That is all that needsto be said about that. There is more to be said about this here.

9. “I Don’t Drink”
As wevsaid before, we are a group of diverse members that all have different lifestyles. Let’s be honest; there are members who choose to drink and many members who are strongly against it. “Peer pressure” is not constituted within Phi Delta Theta.

10. “I’m Already Friends With You Guys”
If that is true, then you are most likely on the top of our Wish List, but why should you pay to join a group that you already “hang” with? Here’s why:
 - If you just wanted friends out of your college experience, you wouldn’t be spending $28,000 to come here. You came to college to earn life skills that will prepare you for your future career. Yes, classes will give you the knowledge you need to excel in your future career, but it won’t give you real life situations. Chances are you will have to work with a group of people in your future career whom you will need to sustain a healthy working environment with. If you come out of college without the Communication Skills required to work in group settings than, let’s face it, you will soon find yourself out of a job. We average about 10 diverse new members each year, which means you will learn how to communicate with an average of 40 very different people during your college career; gaining the social excellence needed in your future business career.
    - Need an edge finding a job? As mentioned before, Networking is nothing short of outstanding through our International Alumni connection program that any member can access at anytime. It’s a quick way to generate 100+ names within a 50 mile radius of any geographical area within the United States.
    - You are probably only friends with a few of us. Why? Because those few people fit into your “clique.” They share similar passions, hobbies, majors, or backgrounds as you. They are essentially you in a different package. What better way to grow as a person than to get to know individuals that are somewhat different from you? Believe it or not, you will find that those people that you wouldn’t usually “hang with” are the people that you will learn from the most. We are all about breaking stereotypes for this reason alone: To Make Men Better Men.

Still have questions/concerns? That’s ok. That just means you are being a rational college student. We like that. Let’s talk more about “you” and less about us. Just give us a call, a Facebook message, an email, or a tap on the shoulder and we will be more than willing to “listen.”

Warm Wishes,

Chandler Kirkhart (Phi Delta Theta-Kansas Zeta, Former Recruitment Chairmen)


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