Primarily consisting of but not limited to African American and Latino male students, this student organization is concerned with closing the academic achievement gap and embraces the principles of pro-active leadership, accountability, self-discipline, and intellectual development. The primary objective is that all members are role models for each other as well as other males in the community. We prepare our members to enter the workforce after college and compete with the best for a meaningful place in our society. Strat Group


We offer the younger generation a means by which to think, act, and prepare for a better future. We are a service learning organization and take on projects that help different communities and people in need. All of our programs are designed to promote positive thinking and high self-esteem in our students. We have classes on money management, tax preparation, consumer credit, stocks, bonds, mutual funds, and entrepreneurial opportunities, as well as spiritual and social activities. We provide many leadership opportunities that promote success for a lifetime.

We actively practice our motto:  "Saving Lives, Salvaging Dreams"