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Class of 1960 - July Newsletter

Please register for the Homecoming Activities at Southwestern College, and make your lodging reservations for  October 1,2,3. A verbal conversation with one of the class hosts is not a registration. Click here for registration form:


Have you mailed your reunion booklet information to Susan Lowe?

The college alumni office, with the help of class hosts, will prepare and print a reunion booklet for our fifty year celebration.

The booklet will provide us information about each class member that we can keep and remind us of the bits of information we will share in conversations during the week-end.

Each class member, even those not attending the reunion, is asked to provide basic family information, and reflections on your experience at Southwestern and your subsequent life and career.

Mary Lou and I have a copy of the 1958 Reunion book.

  • Marilyn (Maddux) Holdeman’s sheet says she taught about 800 first and second graders in her career. Jack and Marilyn live in Garden City, Ks.  The info sheet gives the names of their 5 grandchildren.
  • After writing some personal memories of encounters with faculty members …Marilyn writes to ask:  “Who were the boys who did a panty raid on Smith Hall? They came loudly and quickly up the stairs to the 3rd floor, ran through the beds and back down the stairs.  My bed was out in the middle of the room so as you rounded the corner you grabbed my bed and slid it across the floor craping the wood floor about a foot and a half. What a ride in my sleep.”

This homecoming will be full of special events, but the Fifty Year Reunion Dinner, Saturday, October 2 at the Winfield Country Club is the primary event for our class.

Please see:  Note especially the Hall of Fame response by classmate Billie Day, and former faculty member Dennis Akin. Unfortunately the audio on the statements by Billie and Dennis did not survive the copy process into the computer. The sound is muted. IF you have an external speaker system on your computer, you should be able make it audible. The IT folk at SC regret this limitation.

Watch for the NEXT newsletter. It will contain the Class Prophesy.

Carl E. Martin for the Reunion Host Team