Monthly Newsletter

Class of 1960 - August Newsletter

A 1960 story from the Courier, and the Class Prophecy

Do you remember what you did for the campus work day our Senior Year? Here is a story from the Winfield Courier about work day in April 1960. It is a fun to see and remember how the campus looked 50 years ago. The article names many participants. Can you see people you know? Do you see yourself? Is that Bob Palmer straightening the side walk form? Who is on the roof of the "old" Music Hall? Is it a fiddler or vocalist?? Who wears the "rolled up jeans?" The 1960 headline prompts me to fantasize a headline in 2010 reading: 1960 SC alumni return with real aching backs to tell stories of work day fifty years ago.  :)

This newsletter includes "copies" of 50 year old newsprint copy. I plead for your patience in reading . The images are as clear as I could get them, but it still takes some bright light, and maybe a magnifying glass to view them. It will fun to visit about this and the Class Prophecy in October.


This homecoming will be full of special events, but the Fifty Year Reunion Dinner, Saturday, October 2 at the Winfield Country Club is the primary event for our class.

All 1960 Class members are encouraged to participate in the 9:30 Sunday Alumni Breakfast BUFFET, Roy L. Smith dining hall. $5 person. Classmate, David Nichols '60, will be giving an informal presentation on his upcoming book, Eisenhower 1956, The President's Year of Crises -Suez and the Brink of War; (See more info page 4)

After retiring as SC's Dean of the Faculty, David Nichols did all the research for and wrote the book, A MATTER OF JUSTICE: Eisenhower and the Beginning of the Civil Rights Revolution published in 2007. David's very readable book reinterprets Ike's role as a leader for civil rights. During the week-end of September 13-16, 2007 the Eisenhower and Clinton Presidential Libraries sponsored an event to celebrate the 50th anniversary of the historic integration of the Little Rock public schools. David Nichols was on a panel of scholars and dignitaries for that event. Several members of the class of '60 who were on the SC campus or in Winfield in 1957 drove or flew to Little Rock to attend that informative celebration.

David's new book EISENHOWER 1956, The President's Year of Crises -Suez and the Brink of War will be published soon, and it will add new understandings of Ike's role in framing important foreign policy. The host team invited David to have a special role in our reunion on Sunday Morning October 3. He will give a short introduction to the book.

David's two books on Eisenhower follow the book LINCOLN AND THE INDIANS: Civil War Policy and Politics, 1978. David is one of the very few historians to have researched and published the results of that research on two American Presidents.

Carl E. Martin for the Reunion Host Team